Chapter 17: Sneaky

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Controlling the Red Eye

apparently, this is possible. it just depends on how strong your mentality as a ghoul is. that's why some ghouls fit in the human world well without any problem.
controlling the red eye is just like how you restrict calories when you're on a diet. it's hard but possible when you are able to avert your mind to something else when you're hungry.


the first king was a full breed who married lots of women and one of those women was human. it wasn't possible for a ghoul and a human to have a child, both will die but that changed when the second king was born miraculously. he was the first half breed and as a king, he married lots of women too and eventually, the ghouls' systems have changed drastically. it became entirely possible for a half ghoul to be born.

ancient tales said that the first king was born as a human, made a mistake and cannibalized on his fellow human by greed. the gods and goddesses weren't very fond of his action so they punished him. he had a hard time adapting to the life as a ghoul since the chocolate cake that he used to have for his yearly birthday started to taste like eagle crap. he didn't give up though and learned to live his life.
he created his own kingdom, far from
humans. turned some humans into ghouls through experimenting his own abilities, and soon enough, the clan of ghouls expanded up until now.

"What do you think could the ghouls have wanted in the lab?" Seungmin asked Woojin who's munching on a few pieces of a ghoul's lifeless hand.

This is weird. It's a first for me to witness him having his actual meal. It's not disgusting but it's extremely weird that I feel sick in my stomach.

He's not the Woojin that I knew anymore. He's a monster, like me. He's considered a monster to ghouls while ghouls are considered monster to humans.

What a cruel world we live in.

"They're probably strangers as well or ghouls who are trying to find a way to become stronger. Since I've been locked in here for two months, I don't know what's up anymore," Woojin nonchalantly said.

The ghoul hunters are slowly becoming stronger and stronger these days. Observing Seungmin and Minho alone could prove that point. The more that ghouls become active, the more that our opponents become too.

If only everyone would pay attention to our relationship, then more people would have the mindset that it's possible for ghouls and humans to get along.

It's weird. I'm a ghoul but I'm helping the hunters capture my kind through the information I gather from Jeongin.

"Ya. Are you eating well?" Woojin asked me with a smug look plastered on his face, making me scowl at him. "Want to try cannibalism? Perhaps you could become stronger but oh wait..."

"Aren't you strong enough? You already have two of your shining child." Woojin chuckled, obviously trying to provoke me.

I didn't really intend to hide it for the rest of my life but I accidentally spilt the information about the king's bloodline. I don't think it's possible for me to be part of that bloodline but...still, Seungmin and Minho could think otherwise.

What could possibly enter their minds if they find out about my secret? Would this change everything in our relationship?

They both hate ghouls. It's not certain that their hatred for my kind would be gone forever.

"What does that suppose to mean?" Seungmin asked with his eyebrows knitted together.

Not a very soft reaction.

"Instead of asking her to explain, ask her to show you an explanation." Woojin laughed and laid with his back on the floor.

"It's nothing..." I said.

I will confess once the time's right.

"Okay..." He said with a sigh.

He trusts me. Now that I've learned how to cherish people, I don't want to break that trust.

Then again, my father...

Is he even still relevant at this point?

"But really, I don't really see you eat. Are you starving yourself? You don't look malnourished-"

"I'm fine okay?" I said with a laugh. "Ghouls have different digestive systems."

"I learn new information from you every time," Seungmin gushed, punching my arm lightly.

"Don't touch her."

I jumped a bit when I heard him speak after so long...

I missed his voice so much but it's a bummer that the one who spoke isn't my man.

"Don't talk like you own her," Seungmin retorted. Woojin laughed for some reason. Perhaps this is entertaining to him.

"Don't touch her like you do!"

"I'm not say-"

"Ya! Ya! Too loud!" Woojin complained. He threw a plate at us but it hit the metal bar- crashing into pieces.

"Aish this moron!" Seungmin scoffed, standing up abruptly as he checks himself. His arm is bleeding due to the glass that scraped him.

Meanwhile, he didn't even notice that I covered most of him with my arm that caught the rest of the fragments. I could heal within a few seconds once these pieces are out.

"Do you need help?" I asked him.

"No thanks. I can handle this on my own," he nonchalantly replied before leaving me alone.

"I smell love triangle." Woojin wolf-whistled and laid back down again.

"Shut up," I snapped before standing up. "How did you know that the lab was attacked anyway?"

"They weren't very quiet," Woojin said blankly. "And oh, your new prisoner left."


I quickly averted my gaze to Changbin's supposedly place but Woojin's right.

He's gone.

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