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     Dinner was awkward—again

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     Dinner was awkward—again.

     The two pick at their plates—again. Although, Beverly's mind is completely and utterly filled to the brim with guilt and anxiety. The chances of him getting the job, were next to none. So, why was he so afraid of Red finding out?

By the looks of it—it seemed as though, Red wanted what was best for Beverly. But maybe the shop was what's best for Beverly.

     "You're not eating. Why?"

     Beverly shrugged, not bothering to look, "I'm just tired. But it's delicious—thank you." Red didn't believe him, only squinting both eyes in Beverly's direction.

     "What did you talk to Ed about?" Beverly froze, his hand stalling with his fork, his breathing suddenly beginning its rapid pace.

     "Oh, n-no, I just went to the restroom—"

     "No, you didn't. I literally saw you knock, then be let inside," Red dropped his fork, connecting both hands by his fingers, and placed them before him. "Now, tell me. What did you talk to Ed about?"

     Beverly stuttered, trying his best to come up with a justifiable explanation as to why he'd been caught interacting with Red's boss—let alone the owner. Meanwhile, Beverly stumbled over words, Red's gaze only became more intense.

     Red stood from the dining table, his jaw clenched. Esteban had always told him about how different of a life he wanted for his son—and with Beverly going behind him back, and asking for a job—how the hell was Red supposed to keep him away?

     But he had to try. For Esteban, of course.

     Or at least, that's what Red kept telling himself.

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