The Two Great Masters

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I gaze at the window, looking straight at the blue and peaceful sky. The total opposite of what I'm feeling right now.

I'm in a mess! I can't believe mother's best friends are the mothers of the main characters!

Oh! That's right! Tonoiun and Kaburagi! They're the surnames of the main characters! How can I forget?!

Fate! How cruel you are!

Sigh, anyway, the young boy who has black hair and red eyes is Tonoiun Haruto which means Haruto was written like this 天翔: Soar to Heavens.

The blond hair and emerald eyes is Kaburagi Sora which means 優空: Superior Air , was written like this.

See? See? Even their names was domineering! Jeez! I don't know anymore.

Okay fine. I don't care. Let's just go with the flow.

And, somehow, it hurts being ignored even if you're standing for half an hour in front of them.

Yeah, I'm standing and was thinking here for half an hour yet they haven't even finish glaring at each other.

Sigh, really. Two great masters must really not collide.

Okay, just smile, Ari.

"Edelfelt-sama, would you like a sip of milk?"

Good, good, waitress-san. Thank you for inviting me.

"Yes, thank you."

I followed her and sat at the table that was reserve for us, children. It's quite big though, the good for three table was as big as good for six people. As expected of wealthy people.

While waiting for the milk the waitress offered, I stared at the two young boys whose still at each other's throat, err, eyes.

I turn to look at their mothers wondering if they will stop these two but they just ignore us like they're use to it.

Hmm, are they usually like this? Everytime they meet?

"Here it is, Edelfelt-sama."

Oh! My milktea's here!

"Thank you."

After saying thanks, I decided to ignore every people here and focus on drinking.

But! But, okay!

But before I even take a sip, I found the milk cup I was holding falling from my hands to my lap! To my perfect white dress!

Forget about the dress! It's a good thing it's not hot or else I'll get scalded.

I stiffly look upwards, only to see the two boys near the table unaware they almost scalded someone!
I feel my forehead's pulse pump as I forced to smile sweetly, holding my anger.

I can ignore anything, I can ignore anyone. But! But don't ever dare to disturb me if I was concentrating on something.

Now then, I think it's time to stop these two great masters bickering.

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