Chapter 2.4

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Xue Jing Yi’s disease acted up once in the past, and she almost died, so now she was taking a leave from school and staying at home. She began learning to play the piano from the age of four, and she had a spiritual grasp in the field of music. To keep her skills from rusting, she practiced the piano strictly every morning from nine a.m. to ten a.m.

To learn to play the piano, you must first have a piano. Zhou Yun Sheng waited at the door of the piano room the next day after receiving the task. Xue Jing Yi wore a pure white dress with a green wool cardigan. Her pale and beautiful face coupled with her slender body made her look particularly pitiful.

Once she saw the boy, her gentle smile froze over. When other members of the Xue family were around she would still try to cover up her hatred a little, but once there was no one around, she would never give this twin brother of hers a pleasant look.

Zhou Yun Sheng pretended as if he didn’t notice her rejection of him and greeted her with a smile. “Jing Yi, can I watch you play the piano?”

“No!” The girl categorically refused. Because she normally didn’t raise her voice, her voice cracked when she shouted. She originally intended to treat the boy as if he were not there, but when he stood at the door of the piano room, her inner fear and rejection suddenly reached the limit, and she almost rushed to tear him apart.

He could go anywhere within the Xue manor, anywhere but the piano room! She must never let him touch her piano. Absolutely not! She didn’t know where this obsessive thought sprouted from, but Xue Jing Yi believed that it was her instincts warning her. She walked into the piano room, then she turned around and spoke coldly, “You are never allowed to enter here, otherwise I will have my mom and dad send you back to the countryside.” She thought this was the most severe punishment for the teenager. Who would want to go back to hell once they’ve entered heaven?

But this threat obviously had no effect on Zhou Yun Sheng. From his perspective, the Xue manor was hell, and Xiao Liu Village, where he had been waiting in poverty and seclusion, was the real paradise. He took two steps forward. Just as he was about to speak, Xue Jing Yi slammed the heavy door in his face. With a ka cha she locked the door.

What the hell? Zhou Yun Sheng stared at the heavy wooden door. His face was blue, but it only took a few seconds for him to conceal his angry emotions and slowly walk back to his room. He turned on the computer and pulled up a few videos on learning how to play the piano. He quickly picked up the skills. Now he only had to practice on a real piano.

He naturally liked this kind of thing with a keyboard and regularity. Others have to practice for ten or twenty years to use it freely, but he only needed to watch a video several times. This was the difference between a genius and a mortal. He even spent twenty minutes compiling a software for playing the piano. His hand movements quickly leveled up from a rookie into a master player. He was someone who could handle even the most complicated manual armor, so how could an old instrument possibly stump him?

Using the software he played the song To Alice. Then he accessed the system to submit the task, but the system told him that only playing the song on a real piano would count as completing the task.

“So I have to sneak into the piano room to play? If I’m discovered then that means I would be sent away, right?” Zhou Yun Sheng stroked his lower jaw. He felt that this task was quite amusing.

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