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Why did it have to be you?

Mina rushed around the market, her eyes darting to each stall, hoping that a package of strawberries will shine through the other fruits. Though that would happen if Mina was actually taking her time and looking around, carefully. But she wasn't doing that.

Sana was panting behind her, chasing after the girl's tail everywhere she went. Mina even forgot that Sana was behind her, the former being so concentrated on finding what she needs.

"Mina, Wait! Slow down!" Sana gasped, clutching her stomach as she continued to trail behind Mina. The latter not hearing a single thing she says. Mina ran, until she went to a complete stop, Sana running into her back, though not enough pressure was applied so they didn't topple.

"E-Excuse me?" Mina panted, finally catching her breath. The woman at the stall looked up, her eyes seemed tired, though they lightened up as soon as she saw Mina and Sana's face. The former took a deep breath, "How much are these strawberries?"

The woman smiled, "Are these for Chaeyoung?"

Mina's eyes widened, taking a step back.

How did she kn-

"I'm her mother." She smiled, chuckling. "She called me yesterday, talking about a girl who cried in front of her. She was smiling from ear to ear, it's rare to see that from her." The woman smiled, she had a young face.

Mina couldn't believe the coincidences, it seemed as if meeting Chaeyoung was a fate unbeknownst to the soulmate marks. "I-Did she tell you that I was..coming here?"

The woman giggled, nodding, "She mentioned about you buying strawberries. As you know, this place is popular for that so I wasn't doubting the fact that I might see you here."

Sana just watched, confused as to who this Chaeyoung was and why Mina was so persistent on these small red fruits. The woman smiled, her small wrinkles forming though they weren't obvious, "I wasn't expecting Chaeyoung's mother to be a strawberry seller." Mina giggled.

"That's probably why she has an obsession with it." The woman gently put the container of strawberries inside the plastic bag, handing it to the two girls, "On the house." She winked, watching the reaction of the two foreigners.

Mina shook her head, rummaging through her bag fishing for her wallet. Chaeyoung's mother, amused, chuckled, "You don't need to pay me. I said it was on the house didn't I?"


"Please, accept those." Chaeyoung's mother smiled sweetly though it portrayed a bit of sorrow, "You've already paid me when you made Chaeyoung smile. See you around, Mina." The woman tended to another customer, the motherly grin not faltering.

Mina looked down at the bag of fruits, smiling from ear to ear.

I guess kindness really does run in your family, huh, Chaeyoung.

"I didn't know you had a new friend." Sana chirped, walking beside Mina with the same amble pace. The latter smiled, shrugging at the statement, not bothering to add detail. "Chaeyoung, was it?" Sana continued.

Mina cleared her throat, "Uh yeah." She tried her best to not be so detailed on the subject because if she was, without a doubt Sana will start teasing her. Mina really didn't want that as of the moment.

"Who is she?" Sana asked.

"Just-" Mina held the strawberry container tight, "-Someone I met near the hospital." She chuckled, looking every where but Sana's eyes. Mina was trying not to be so obvious about that but Sana could easily tell what's up. The latter hummed, amused.

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