The Parting of Ways

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Katrina's POV

Grandfather stood up. He stared down at Barty Crouch for a moment with disgust on his face. Then he raised his wand once more and ropes flew out of it, ropes that twisted themselves around Barty Crouch, binding him tightly. He turned to Professor McGonagall.

"Minerva, could I ask you to stand guard here while I take Katrina and Harry upstairs?"

"Of course," said Minnie. She looked slightly nauseous, as though she had just watched someone being sick. However, when she drew out her wand and pointed it at Barty Crouch, her hand was quite steady.

"Severus" - Dumbledore turned to Snape - "please tell Madam Pomfrey to come down here; we need to get Alastor Moody into the hospital wing. Then go down into the grounds, find Cornelius Fudge, and bring him up to this office. He will undoubtedly want to question Crouch himself. Tell him I will be in the hospital wing in half an hour's time if he needs me."

Snape nodded silently and swept out of the room.

"Harry, Katrina," Grandfather said gently.

I got up and swayed again; the pain in my arm and neck, along with the blood loss, which I had not noticed while I had been listening to Crouch, now returned in full measure. I also realized that I was shaking. Grandfather gripped my good arm and helped me out into the dark corridor.

"I want you two to come up to my office first," he said quietly as we headed up the passageway. "Sirius is waiting for us there."

I nodded. A kind of numbness and a sense of complete unreality were upon me, but I did not care; I was even glad of it. I didn't want to have to examine the memories, which kept flashing across my mind. Mad-Eye Moody, inside the trunk. Wormtail, slumped on the ground, cradling his stump of an arm. Voldemort, rising from the steaming cauldron. Cedric...dead...or alive, I still didn't know.

"Professor," Harry mumbled, "where are Mr. and Mrs. Diggory?"

"They are with Madam Pomfrey," said grandfather. His voice, which had been so calm throughout the interrogation of Barty Crouch, shook very slightly for the first time. "She is doing the best that she can."

We had reached the stone gargoyle. My grandfather gave the password, it sprang aside, and he, Harry, and I went up the moving spiral staircase to the oak door. Dumbledore pushed it open. Sirius was standing there. His face was white and gaunt as it had been when he had escaped Azkaban. In one swift moment, he had crossed the room.

"Angelous paulo, are you all right? I knew it - I knew something like this - what happened?" His hands shook as he helped Harry and I into chairs in front of the desk.

"What happened?" he asked more urgently.
Grandfather began to tell Sirius everything Barty Crouch had said. I was only half listening. So tired every bone in my body was aching, I wanted nothing more than to sit here, undisturbed, until I fell asleep and didn't have to think or feel anymore.

There was a soft rush of wings. Fawkes the phoenix had left his perch, flown across the office, and landed in my lap. Drake and he nuzzled beaks and I awwwed at the sight.

"'Hey, Fawkes," I said, quietly. I stroked the phoenix's beautiful scarlet-and-gold plumage. Fawkes blinked peacefully up at me. There was something comforting about his warm weight.

I sighed heavily and shifted into my current favorite form: a snow leopard. I crawled over to the fireplace and curled up in front of it. Drake still resting on me.

Grandfather stopped talking. He sat down opposite Harry, behind his desk. He was looking at Harry and I from my spot by the fireplace. I avoided his gaze. This was why I had shifted into animal form. Grandfather was going to question us. He was going to make us relive everything, I just hoped that Harry would forgive me for making him do it...

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