Chapter 1: First Day

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-Hi! I have never written a story before anywhere and would honestly love some feedback. I'm not very good but I do love to create my own stories with other characters that I love. Please just tell me what you think of it. I would love some constructive criticism, so feel free to tell me what you think, good or bad! Now enough of that, this is "Outcast" Enjoy! -


Lucy P.O.V

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Be-! I smashed my alarm clock on the ground "Just five more minutes..." I mumbled. Today was my first day of High School in Magnolia. I lived here when I was little but my Father and I moved to Hargeon when I was about 6 for "Business Reasons". 

Since we just moved back a few days ago I missed the tour that all the other students got, so I get to start my High School year with no friends and no idea where anything is. Yay me.

I slowly open my eyes and look at my phone, "6:45! Shoot, I'm going to be late!" I leap out of bed, throw on my clothes and run downstairs. 

I quickly grab an apple and rush out the door. "Wait, my backpack!" I turn around and run straight through the door almost falling down, I grab my backpack then make a beeline for the school.

I rush to the front office and gather my information and head straight to class. The second I sit down in my seat the bell rung. "Just in time" I sighed.

"Alright, welcome class to the first day of high school. My name is Mrs.Tuttle and I will be your homeroom teacher. Today will be all about making friends, I have already partnered you up so when I call out your name just stand up and go to your partner." The teacher explained.

"Jet and Droy"

"Laxus and Mirajane"

"Juvia and Gray"

"Levy and Lucy"

"Lisanna and Cana"

"And finally, Zeref and Mavis"

We all stood up and went to our partners. "Hi, I'm Levy McGarden!" Levy introduced herself.

 "Nice to meet you, I'm Lucy Heartfilia" I said. 

Levy and I chatted a while and I think we were actually starting to bond. While we were talking I couldn't help but notice a pink-haired guy sitting at his desk alone. 

I don't remember him standing up, did the teacher forget to call his name? (Oh and I'm making this one of those schools where there are multiple grades in every class.) 

"So what grade are you in, Lu?" Levy asked. "I'm a freshman, you?" I replied "Omg same!" after talking a bit more I got more curious about the pink-haired guy.

"Hey Levy, I think the teacher forgot to call out that guy over there, think we could invite him over to talk with us?" I asked, pointing at the guy. Levy's eyes widened "Are you new around here or something?" Levy asked

"Yeah, why?" I asked "Oh well see, that's Natsu." she said pointing at the pink-haired guy "He's a senior. I wouldn't go near him. He's bad news trust me. He's insanely strong, no one messes with him and if they do, they'll regret it. He never talks to anyone, he just kinda sits there and stares." Levy tells me

"So? Why doesn't someone just go talk to him? He probably just sits there and stares cause he has no friends" Levy's eyes widen again but this time with concern in them

"Please, just trust me Lu. I don't want you to get hurt." Levy almost looks like she's begging. Is he really that scary?

"Alright Levy, I'll take your word for it." I say. Levy sighs and looks relieved, "Good." Then the bell rings and everyone rushes out the door.

<><><><>Time Skip<><>After Classes<><><><>

The bell just rang and everyone is rushing out the door to go home. 

I was trying to slowly work my way through the stampede when someone with orange hair bumped into me and I dropped all my books. 

He just glances back and says "Sorry!" then keeps running for the door. "Thanks for the help!" I sarcastically yell after him annoyed. I quickly pick up all my books and papers, stand up and start walking.

I mean the least he could've done was help me pick up my books I mean, he just walked away I don't even think he was sorry, Ugh the nerve of some peo-  

"AH!" Completely lost in thought I was paying attention to where I was going and I ended up running into someone and falling on top of them. I look up and notice that I'm on top of Natsu. Wait, Natsu.

I yelp and jump back "I'm so so sorry!" I used one of my books to cover my face. He didn't say anything he just silently stood up and glared at me. Eventually, he stuck his hand out and in it, was one of my books. 

I slowly put my hand out and took it from him. He let go of the book and walked away. He didn't seem that scary. At least he helped me pick up my books, sorta. Why is everyone so afraid of him? Although his glare can stare straight into your soul and crush it. I pick up the rest of my books and walk home.


Well, that was the first chapter of "Outcast" Yeah I know it's short. Thanks for reading! I know it's not that good and honestly kinda cliché but it was fun to write so whatever. I really do want to hear your opinion because I was thinking of maybe even writing more books but I want to get better before I do that. Constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Sorry I know I'm pretty much just repeating what I said at the beginning so, I'll just stop talking now. Bye!~

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