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doyoung's point of view

the following day was saturday. i got out of bed and went straight to the bathroom. when i tried to unlock the door, it was locked.

a frown was shown in my face and tried to open the door once again. i heard a click sound and it was hyunsuk.

" long have you been there?" hyunsuk asked, looking down. i heard him sniff and secretly wiping his eyes.

"did you cry?" i asked softly.

hyunsuk looked up. red puffy eyes, red nose and he gave me a thin small smile. he shook his head "i'm fine. i some soap in my eye when i was washing my face."

i just had to go with it. when i looked down, i can see a small cut on his arm. he immediately hid it and gave me a small smile before leaving.

i looked at him walking away. i suddenly got shocked. the smokey pitch black shadow was behind him, following him.

i frowned. i entered the bathroom and saw the sharp glasses on the trash bins. there was a small blood spot on the sink and i washed it away for him.

no wonder hyunsuk was down this past weeks. but, what's his problem? why isn't he telling us?

i erased the thoughts off my mind and tried to forget everything i saw.


when i went down, everyone else was on the dining table waiting for me. i sat beside noa and seunghun as they started eating.

i can't help but to look at hyunsuk. he was down and he covered his cuts under his sleeves.

i closed my eyes and tried to look at his direction. the countdown timer was there again. i frowned and felt shivers.

seunghun shook my leg as i opened my eyes

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seunghun shook my leg as i opened my eyes. "doyoung...are you okay?" he asks concernedly "y-yeah, i'm fine." seunghun replies with a nod.

i looked at hyunsuk again. he's in danger.

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