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     The rest of the evening went by just as slowly as the morning had

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     The rest of the evening went by just as slowly as the morning had. Red spent his time beneath the same car, swapping for tool after tool, in between minutes. He felt horrible for the way he'd spoken to Beverly at Jerry's. But how else would he have gotten the message across?

     The young boy was persistent. But maybe too persistent.

     Once Red was buckled into the drivers seat, he frowned at Beverly's words. "Can you, uh—can you give me a second? I just need to . . ."

     His words trailed, leaving a bit of room for Red to answer. "Yeah, I'll be here."

     Beverly closed the passenger seat door, making his way back by the now working cars. He made his way over to an office door that read, Ed.

     Waking up this morning, he had no idea he'd be going over Red's head, and directly asking Ed for a job. Even with no experience, whatsoever.

     But Beverly had to. He couldn't just sit back, and watch Red support him like the good guy he is. So, he knocked, and waited patiently for the answer.

     There was movement of the other side of the door, and soon, it was being pulled backwards, revealing a grey haired man. "What can I do for you, kid?"

     Ed stepped aside, allowing Beverly to slide into the office, and take a seat. Harold took a seat in his office chair, crossing both arms across his chest. "So . . ."

     "I need a job," Beverly abruptly blurted, his breathing now erratic. "And I know you only hire ex-cons, but I really, really need a job. So, it'd be nice if you were to just give me a chance. Please."

     Ed leaned back in his chair, squinting both eyes in pure thought. "Got any experience?"


     "How old are you?"

     "Twenty . . ." At Beverly's answer, Ed took a deep breath, dragging a rough hand through his facial hair. He believed the young boy before him could thrive with such experience, and decided to give it a go.

     "I'll think about it."

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