Swapped Four

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"Where would she be?" Cat Noir sighed as she looked around. She still wasn't used to this black suit she was wearing. And the baton as well.

While she had been looking, Ladybug, who was Adrien, was practicing on how to use her powers. He had even used Lucky Charm, before he had to de-transform and feed Tikki.

Tikki felt tired of this so Adrien stopped.

Then they heard screams coming from a little farther away from them. Ladybug and Cat Noir nodded at each other before rushing to see what the fuss was all about.

And there she was.

Exchanger glared around at the people who ran away from her.

"Come back, pretties. Are you tired of your life?!" She yelled as she raised her wand. "Come and I'll give you a new life that you'll very much enjoy!"

She pointed her wand at some two couples, but Cat Noir threw his baton at her.

Cat Noir, Marinette, thinking that she was still Ladybug, thought that she had threw her yoyo. She was surprised when a baton hit the villain instead.

Right! I'm Cat Noir, not Ladybug anymore.

Exchanger quickly stood up though, laughing and pointing at them.

"I see that you're still in each other's bodies, huh," She cracked up. "Well, this is fun. I really love my powers."

"Well, you're not going to have them for very long!" Ladybug yelled as he ran to her. He spinner the good, preparing to attack the villain with it, but Exchanger got to him first.

She pointed at the good with her wand and the yoyo was off his hands.

Ladybug fscepamed himself. I knew I should have practicd more on how to use Ladybug's powers.

Cat Noir picked up the yoyo and gave it to him.

"I love seeing how you guys are so weak!" Exchanger laughed. She pointed the wand at some three friends, and they literally switched bodies right in front of them.

They screamed and took off.

Cat Noir gulped. Then she took a look at the wand the villain was holding, before having to lean closer to Ladybug to whisper.

"Maybe if we get her to point her wand at us again, we'll switch back."

Ladybug nodded and gave her the thumbs up, then he turned back to the villain.

"Hey Exchanger!" He waved his arms, before pointing at two other people that were running to get home safe. "I see another victims."

Exchanger grinned as the two that were trying to get home glared at him. Ladybug turned to Cat Noir, reminding her to get ready. Cat Noir nodded back.

"AH-HA!" Exchanger yelled as she pointed the wand at the two that were now running.

Ladybug and Cat Noir ran after them. Just when Exchanger tried to switch the two, Ladybug and Cat Noir got in the way of the two, and were instead zapped by the wand.

"I don't understand you two!" One of them yelled. "You have us away, yet you saved us?" And then he took off after the other.

Ladybug turned and looked at the hands. They were still the same. Then turning to see what Cat Noir looked like.

Exchanger laughed. "You guys thought that was going to happen?! You thought you would switch bback if I got you again?"

Ladybug stood up and touched his hair. He quickly noticed that his hair was still the same.

"Ladybug," Cat Noir looked at him. "We're still the same but... "

"The looked at each other.

"...We've switched hair colors!"

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