mullete (pls dont kill me)

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Hi gAYS!

see what i did there??


Wrong intro


Im sorry for not updatING for a such a lOOOOooooOoong way.

Im sorry, i truly is.

I have been stuDYING a lot lately and i feel less smarter then i ever was.

It is frustrating, trust me.

So i already told yall that im doing angeria chappy and uh-

It is a long chapter and it is taking a lot of my time to write it, despite being lazy, trying to look after my siblings, trying multitask, trying to fix my grades, study more, keep on being healthy, drawing and trying to updating more other my books, which i will delete some.

Cuz im trying to be that one cool older sister™

Oh! And I actually made a Tags and rants book!


So if u r wondering y this isnt in tags n rants, im sorry.

This is one of my smutshots  Mulette.


Ig it works for both.

So this will be very short, again, im apologizing for not being here, and battin' my eyelashes, writing hot steamy chappies for yall.

Now lets got into it.



Hercules was expecting everything when he came home one day home on Sunday.

But oh boy, he did not expected his boyfriend in bOOTy shorts, shirtless and dancing around apartment as Rihanna's 'Love on the brain' was on.


Hercules was watching Lafayette dancing for few minutes, untill he had it enough and went to Lafayette as he kissed him deeply.

Lafayette was spooped but soon melted in kiss.

Wrapped his hand around his taller, muscoline boyfriend.

Soon, there were pants along the song.

"Herc...please..." He moaned as Hercules pushed one finger in his booty shorts, making the french hoe™ moan.

"P..please.." He cried out.

"Down..." Herc all but whispered.

Laf took in small breath and sank down to his knees and opened his mouth as a fish without water.

"Good boy."

Hercules praised as he ubuckeld his jeans.

Lafayette closed his eyes and went for it.

"Fuck...Lafatette...that is a good boy...fuck.." He moaned as he earned a growl from Lafayette.

Soon Herc could not take it anymore, get out of Laf mouth, took his hands and dashed to their bedroom as song changed into 'Bang Bang' by Jessie J

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