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no matter what you think everyone has anxiety-yes it's in different levels, but no one wakes up every morning and kicks their feet up and goes "bring it world".  it's not something shameful if you're struggling. there's this misconception that if you have anxiety or depression it's your fault. there is also another misconception that anxiety or depression makes you a broken person. anyone with anxiety or depression is not more broken than someone who seems to have their life together. it's a broken world folks, so no matter how much you smile, dance , and love, we are all broken people. 

battling anxiety isn't understanding yoga and mastering breathing techniques. anxiety is only conquered when peace overrules. mia, tell me how to get this peace. i'm tired of fighting. i get it. i hear you. i can't take away your pain, but i can attempt to help you. today this very intelligent man preached about how truth and peace go together. however, he used incredibly big words and spoke for over two hours...i'll try to summarize.

without truth there is no unshakeable hope because our foundation will be built on lies. eventually lies get ruined. and without an unshakeable hope we miss the power that guarantees us peace. anxiety is the lack of trust in power he said. and peace is found only in the greatest power source. so i ask you, are you trusting in the greatest power source or is your power source weak (drugs, sex, money, alcohol)?

if you're struggling, google isaiah 41:10 and talk to God. it doesn't matter if you come from a religious background or not. okay, i get it if God isn't the guy you want to speak to at the moment because you're mad at Him. how can someone who is praised make you go through so much? i don't have all the answers, but i do know that we were promised to live a life of trouble, but one day it'll pass. i believe in a heaven. i believe in love and life everlasting. but you're not me. maybe that's not what you believe in. fine. get help from friends. from adults. there are people that love you.

"seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need." matthew 6:33

"keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. keep on seeking, and you will find. keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you" matthew 7:7

thank you landon scholl for your preaching, your intelligence on random things, and your story times. those were most helpful and entertaining. ps ya'll he wrote a book, and if it's as funny and informative as his preaching was i promise it will be worth the $10-$15


today's post chapter thingy is a little different, not that you have many to compare it too. it was a little heavy up top but i feel like it was important to share...especially since i always see people making fun of anxiety and mental problems. it's a real thing. and i have friends who struggle. and there are some times i struggle. anxiety is a hard thing to discuss because it's different for everybody, but it's meant to take seriously so please get help if you need it and don't tell someone the secret to being less depressed is exercise, smiling, etc.

and this is slightly off topic, but my final closing message discusses "guardians of the galaxy style music" as joey calls it. we were in the car heading home from the mall and we were already rounding on to our street. my sister chooses a song (come and get your love) knowing that we won't finish it before we get home. but you know what my dad does? he literally drives 1 inch per hour up the lane and towards the house. inch by inch we finish the song and get home. it sounds ridiculous and the neighbors probably looked out the window like why the heck is that car taking 80 years to reach their destination? but it's times like that you remember how fun and crazy your family can get. you learn the kind of things your parents will do to make you laugh a little bit.

thank you mom and dad for always trying to keep things interesting for the sake of a song and our happiness. thank you neighbors that none of you were behind our car those final 3 minutes and 29 seconds. and thank you readers (at this point it's probably only emma, mallory, and maria) for reading my christian moment followed by a quick story time.

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