Chapter 11

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Makayla's POV

I'm in the guess room at Liam's house Pacing around the room I'm so nervous his family dinner starts in 3 hour I'm nervous what are they gonna think of me ? what are they gonna think of avianna? Oh god, I sighed i start getting ready but I don't have any clothes here
I walked down the hall and knocked on Liam's bedroom door , no answer so I just opened the door and there Liam was laying on his bed with no clothes on , just staring at the ceiling I cleared my throat to get his attention He turned his head and smirked at me " I need you to take me home I have nothing to wear" I said covering my eyes " I have a dress for you and avianna in the closet" he replied oh so he just had everything planned out huh? , he sat up on the bed and grab the towel next to him and wrapped it around he waist wow dude has an eight pack I bit my lip I usually think eight pack are too extra but damn.

Liam clears his throat, "are you gonna keep staring or are you gonna come get the dress" I nodded my head and walk over to him and grabbed the dress, I examined the dress it was long black dress with long sleeve and slit on the right side in his other hand was a small black dress with a big bow in the front " um Liam don't you think this is little to much for a family dinner" I said scrunching my nose up at the dress "I mean it's a beautiful dress but what are we going to a ball" he shook his head "look my family dinners are different so just wear the dress" I rolled my eyes and sighed "Ight fine"
" and don't talk slang my parents hate it" I rolled my eyes again "whatever" I walk out of the room I have to get avianna dressed I walked  to what Liam calls her new room and seen her trying to brush her hair "what are you doing boo boo" I raised my eyebrow " I doing my hair mama" she said pointing to her head " ok baby, mama's gonna do your hair let's get you dress" 

After 30 mins avianna was all dressed and ready now it's my turn I took a shower and did my hair and a make up , I make sure not to put to much make up on, after I was done I put on dress Liam got me  I looked at myself in the mirror I looked hot, I walked down stair to see Liam and avianna playing patty cake "are ready" I asked shyly

Liam POV
Wow that was only word that came out she looked gorgeous I bit me lip " yeah let's go" she held avianna's hand as we walked out  the door

After a long hour drive we finally arrived at my parents house I took a deep breath and knocked on the door twice , on the third knock that bitch Jill opens the door I went from nervous to annoyed real quick I rolled my eyes "excuse me" I push pass her " I'm sorry" makayla says in a sweet voice " no your not" I rolled my eyes and pulled her and avianna Towards me I guided them to the living room and there everyone  was my four brothers,
Aiden , Kaiden, Brandon, Joshua and their wife's , girlfriends and kids who's names I don't know,  I'm kidding I know most of My nephews names Anyways then there's my dad with huge a grin on his face and my mom with her usually bitch face. 

My father stood up a walked towards me
" oh my boy you finally decide to join us" he says in his strong Russian accent, he gave me a bear hug and a pat on the back. I sighed " hello dad"

"Oh and who is the chocolate beauty  you've brought with you" he raised he eyebrow " this is makayla" I held her waist tightly " ah I see she is the one who gave  birth to the new girl" wow so mother did tell him " um yes"  I smiled awkwardly he nodded "well then welcome to the family mio caro " what we aren't married  he pulled makayla into a tight hug " where is the little one huh?" Right on cue avianna popped her head out from behind Makayla's legs  "oh my god" everyone gasped , What the fuck that was ,  weird  " So its true" my older Aiden said shocked.

" oh cool congrats big bro" my little brother Joshua says as he pats my shoulder wow this was easier than I thought, they just accepted them just like that. well everyone except my mom i see her and Brandon's wife glaring  at makayla from across the room makayla looked away trying to ignore them
I sighed  this gonna be a long night

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