"We can watch a movie. To make up from being away from my best guy,"I said teasing him.

"It has been weeks."

As soon as that left his mouth I couldn't help but feel guilty for doing that. I mean my presence is basically a present. I'm joking but he genuinely seemed upset at how long I was away. I know I told him this and prepared him but it was hard being away from him too.

"I'm gonna go to a friends house,okay?",Natalie waves to me and I return the favor and bid her a goodnight. After she left, David led me to his room so I can get situated.

"Wanna just watch a movie? To make up for being away?",I said brushing off the sleepiness.

"For weeks!Do you know how many nights I masterbated because you weren't here?",he joked as he yelled. I felt his hands shake my shoulders and I rolled my eyes.

"So you were horny only when I left? That's messed up,"I recalibrated making him flustered. I'm glad he was making jokes now to steer away from serious confrontation.

"That's not what I meant. Of course I get horny when you're here,"he laughed.

"I can't imagine you acting any differently."

"I act so different when I am horny,"he informed. A little bit too much information but I guess I did ask for it. I couldn't help but feel something down south,and I really couldn't believe it because it was just David. Maybe the sleepiness was making me go crazy and delusional.

"I wouldn't know,"I said putting my phone on his nightstand and determined to unpack a few essentials.

I bent down for my suitcase that was lying on its back and stayed a little longer due to hands on the sides of my hips. I felt something slide down to the center of my butt with a quick motion.

"I guess your right. Do you want to know?",he said making his voice a little deeper than usual. Well this isn't David I've seen in the vlogs at all. I felt,out of habit, my hips jerk back into his frontside.

I started to begin laughing until it wasn't a joke anymore. I stood to turn after his grasp fell to his sides. There he stood with a straight face,telling me it wasn't something to laugh at. His hands were warm and big and his lips poked out a feminine pink.

"Wait what?",I said chuckling.

"I-I was kidding! You know how I am! I just missed you,"he said almost trying to convince himself.

"It was a funny joke,"I gained some courage and grabbed his hands to put on my hips again.

"Oh," he sounded surprised yet excited,"Is this funny?"
He brought his hands a little lower to my butt and began massaging it. Fuckkkk holy shit it's go time. It's not funny,it wasn't a joke.

"Hilarious,"I brought my nose onto the side of his neck and smelled his hair that was tickling my sensitive cheeks. He smelled of green apple shampoo and pine body wash. His cologne was mostly faded but present.

Wow,it really was the sleep making me act this way. Or maybe it was amount of time I spent away from him.

His breath began getting heavier and my lips began moving around his neck trying to find the right spot. Once you found it,he began finding his way onto the buttons of my shirt without rushing too fast.

"What about this?,"he pulled away so you could see his determined face and grabbed your chin. My lips moving with his and for the first time in a long time I felt extremely submissive.

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