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Oh yeah there's Smut. Not good smut but it's here. It's my first one so I hoping it turns out good cause then I made a whole dumbass out of myself doing this. Anyways thanks for reading this far. -Author.

In the car ride,my eyes,no matter how hard I tried to keep them open,just rolled to the back of my head and I gave up. I maybe slept for 5 minutes when Ralph,my driver, awoke me by chanting my name. He laughed as my eyes tried adjusting to my surroundings and slowly moved to get out of the car.

I was finally done with the project in New York and all I had to get me through that mess was that night in the pillow fort. All I could think about was David and I would thank the heavens above when he called me and was available through text or FaceTime.

He'd send me the stupidest things like:


Y/N no time to explain but where do pineapples come from

Please money is on the line,Y/N L/N

You cost me $50

PayPal me

I would rewatch his vlogs to get some sort of his presence near me.I missed Zane and Jason and Todd and Scottie and Kristen who I haven't met yet but planned to. I missed Heath and Mariah who also I want to meet. I miss Liza who I started messaging on Instagram who is so nice and kind. I would throw my head back in frustration when I felt like this. But now I was home.

"I'll see you when you call me to pick you up. I'll put your bags in your room,"he said before leading me to David's front steps. I hadn't been able to sleep since David also haunted my dreams. But in reality I just was so overtaken by work.

I muttered a groggy "thank you" and smiled at the man.

"Hey,"I heard behind me and I turned to see a welcoming Natalie. I saw the car leave which left me captive in David's house now.

"Hey you,"I walked to hug her and she sweetly hugged back. Natalie was literally David's Jonathan and it was so comforting to be in her presence.

"David's in the living room waiting for you. He wouldn't shut up when i told him you called. I'm glad your back too,"she said as walked me to the front door.

"That's so sweet. You guys are just too pure for the world,"I gushed as Natalie laughed and opened the door to lead me in.

As soon as I walked in,David's head turned from his phone while he sat on the couch comfortably.

"Y/N? Hey,"he got up,hopping over the couch's back and spread his arms to invite me into his space. I groaned as he hugged tightly and made me drop my suitcase in response. My bones cracked under the slightest of pressure since I was in a plane for most of the day.

"Heyyy,"I sleepily responded.

"Whats wrong?",he pulled his face away but still held me as I looked up at his worried face. His bottom lip was chewed up from constant biting and irritation. I couldn't help but look at them and wonder why he worried so much that led him to bite his lip.

"Jet lag. I'll be good though. It's not so bad."

He tutted and let me go slowly,"You can sleep in my room. You need the rest your already practically sleeping standing up."

He wasn't wrong. I regret not sleeping on the plane but I'm glad I can sleep in his bed because who doesn't want that? I don't know if what he said was supposed to sound as sexual as it did though. Or maybe I'm reaching but he kept staring at my lips like I did to his.

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