Fast Pace (Eret X Halla)

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Halla Debellare had moved to Berk just a year after Hiccup started training dragons. Already having a beautiful black and white stormcutter, Halla was quickly accepted into the dragon training academy. Now years later, she was one of the best dragon riders on the island. And her boundless energy, though destructive at times, helped greatly in battles. Hiccup and the others would never have defeated Krogan and Johan if it wasn't for her determination.

But now, war was upon them once again. Halla and the other riders had just gotten captured by Drago's men. Thankfully, however, the handsome dragon trapper named Eret had decided to help them escape. Once her ropes were cut, Halla grabbed the closest guard and punched him in the jaw. When the man doubled over, she knees him hard in the stomach.

She turned back to her friends to find Eret staring at her in surprise. "What?" She asked with a shrug.

Eret shook his head a bit and responded awkwardly, "that was just--uh, well...intense." He smiled a bit nervously; this girl was gorgeous. Her skin was a light peachy color, and hair even lighter than Astrid's. Only one brilliant blue eye peaked out from behind her bangs. There was a crown of small flowers around the rim of her head. Overall, she definitely didn't look like the kind of girl who could knock out a man three times her size with ease.

Halla gave him a bright smile, "oh, thanks."

Before he could respond, she bolted away to find her dragon. Eret turned back to the others. Pointing to where Halla had run off to with his thumb, he asked, "is she always that fast pace?"

Snotlout raised his eyebrows and sighed, "you have no idea."

"But, she's one of the best," Astrid added with a sideways grin, "now let's go." Soon everyone spilt off to find their dragons. But Eret, quite literally, ran into Halla as he rounded a corner.

The girl began to fall backwards at the force, but was caught by a strong arm under her back. For a moment, they froze. The bleach blonde bangs that covered Halla's left eye were swept to the side, revealing a deep red scar.

Realizing how close their faces were, Halla stood herself back up fully. With a small laugh, she placed the hairs back over her eye. "Lets just say, this isn't my first war," she told him. Then, without warning, she grabbed his hand and took off.

"Woah--" Eret exclaimed as he was dragged off.

"Shh!" Halla hissed to him. Finally, they stopped at a dragon trap. "This has to be him," she breathed, "he's not in any of the others."

"You've checked all the other traps already?" Eret wondered in awe.

Halla thought for a moment, "well..most of them." With that, she began to undo the crank. She them climbed in, Eret following in suit. "Soarin!" Halla squeaked happily, throwing her arms around the dragon, "you weren't scared, boy, were you?"

The dragon gurgled happily and nuzzled her, but began to growl when he saw Eret. "Uh..nice dragon," Eret tried to calm him.

"It's okay, Soarin, he's a friend now," Halla assured, and the stormcutter stopped growling. Then began their trip to battle.

• • •

The war was finally over. It had been a few weeks since then, and everything was changing for the better once again. The ice was melted away, homes were rebuild, dragons were trained, and...

"There you are," Eret exclaimed as he approached Halla, "I've been looking for you all over the island."

"And you didn't think to check the Armory?" Halla asked with a playful smile, admiring the ax she'd just sharpened.

"I did, actually," Eret told her with an eyebrow raised, "but you weren't here ten minutes ago."

Halla shrugged and wiggled past him, "what can I say? I'm a busy girl!"

Eret caught her by the shoulder before she could leave. Taking the ax from her hand, he warned, "don't even think about running with this."

When an irritated pout formed on her lips, Eret chuckled. He set the ax down and pulled her into a hug. "You little ball of fury," he sighed, kissing her on the top of the head.

The two let go of each other and smiled. Eret then held out something that he'd been hiding behind his back. It was a crown of thin green vines and tiny violet flowers. "Since your other one got set fire the other day," he explained sweetly, placing it onto her head.

Halla gave him a smile that made his heart just about stop. How had he managed to win the affections of this amazing girl? She tip-toed and leaned forward, falling into his body as she kissed him. When she pulled away, there was a calm look in her lidded eyes, something rare indeed.

Placing a hand over her cheek, Eret smiled and gave her another gentle kiss. This, however, was interrupted by an over exaggerated sound of disgust. "Ugh! Not in my shop, have mercy," Gobber begged.

Halla pulled away and giggled, adjusting the crown on her head. She then picked up the ax, "well, I should go deliver this."

The smile on Eret's face faded into a look of worry as she turned and ran away. "Hey, I said no running! Halla!" Eret shouted as he chased after her. There relationship was sure to be full of surprises, but they wouldn't have it any other way.

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