The World Knows

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When I woke up from that night with Y/N and I didn't find her on my bed, I felt like a dumbass overreacting like that. Or maybe I wasn't but I still should've heard her out.

"David!",I heard Jasons voice interrupt my thoughts. I groaned because I knew what he was yelling about, it was podcast day and I wasn't up to be entertaining or watching Jason's stomach fall out of his shirt.


"What?!",I yelled to to stop him.

"It's time! Hurry up!",Jason yelled back into my room.

I sighed because I wasn't even feeling up to getting ready.

As soon I walked in to the podcast room, Jason already knew I was upset. Of course I'll tell Jason he's a good friend but I still wasn't feeling good then.

After about 30 minutes of podcasting and going over topics, an idea rose to my head. It wasn't the best idea I've ever had,some might call it a bad idea. I wanted to disclose a poll to show Y/N that I was right. I didn't have time to process the consequences anyways. All that mattered to me is that I had evidence to show her that it was fucked up.

"Actually,Can I say something on the podcast-"

"It is yours,"Jason said matter of factly.

"Shit you're right,"I laughed nervously. After I laughed I stopped abruptly to take a deep breath as I wiped my hands.

God I was so nervous but I needed advice and if I tell the podcast then everybody will know about what I did with Y/N. I did want everybody to know right? Fuck it was so complex and they're better times to reveal it. And not in front of millions of listeners.

"You okay,Dave?",Jason said putting his hand on my back since there isn't any cameras around. Otherwise, he'd call me a pussy and shove me away.

"Yeah yeah. I just- me and Y/N had an argument yesterday-for the first time in our "marriage"- And I was just wondering what side are you on because I thought I was right,"I said immediately wanting to get it off my chest.

"Well what is it?",Jason said confused that his friend didn't bring this topic up when skimming through topics for the podcast.

"Well... do you think it's rude to leave like 5 seconds after sex to go to work? I thought it was-not rude- but I was really just put aside like that. Like no hesitation,no nothing,"I explained as I remembered the hurt I felt when Y/N quickly got dressed for work to leave again for 2 weeks after a week of not seeing her.

I should've said something else beside sex like watching a movie. Or something. Anything.

"With Y/N?",Jason raised a brow.

"Just answer me,"I let my frustration shine through as I breathed out. Jason adjusted himself in his seat and straightened out his position. He looked at me the way a father was about to scold his son.

Then he looked to the camera and realized we had to entertain people as well.

"Wait a minute,you guys had sex? Like actually? You and Y/N? The Y/N? Like you're not kidding? Like if I asked her she would back it up? Can I ask her? Wait scratch that how was she?",Jason said rapidly as he gripped the microphone.

"Yes,"I nervously admitted,"But like can we focus on the argument. I want to hear that I'm right."

"No! You and Y/N had sex. That means you guys are serious! What about the fake marriage? What about the "Jason relax! We're only doing this for a statement! Remember that we get to leave the country when this happens,Jason! I'm not ruining my life Jason!" What about that,David,"Jason mocked.

"Okay guys can you guys tweet me about what you think. Is it cool for her to have sex with me because we missed each other from not seeing each other for a week and then leave immediately after that for two more weeks? It's messed up ,right?",I  said blowing past Jason.

"Wha- No! No! No! You can't just admit that and not address it! David,since when did it get that serious? And when did Y/N let it?,"Jason said as I rolled my eyes.

I regretted saying it now. Jason's old gross veins were sticking out and yelling at me. Wait he's yelling at me. I'm his boss, I don't have to take this.

"Jason shut up. Just shut up,"I said as I motioned for joe. I knew I shouldn't have said anything and I was already engulfed my anger and frustration that nobody was helping me. I needed closure that I didn't ruin anything with Y/N.

"Teeny weenie-?",Joe started.

"No,Joe. Cut that part out. Cut out what I said about Y/N. Do it now in case we forget."

Jason opened his mouth looked at Joe work abruptly on his laptop. He sat back shocked at the news. "You're not joking,"Jason said looking me dead in the eyes.

"I'm not. Thanks for your advice,"I said sarcastically. I stood up to leave because I was just that frustrated. I moved my leg over my chair and turned to leave.

"Where are you going?! We have 35 minutes only."

"We'll just edit the rest in. I'm gonna take a bath,"I waved him off and left for my bathroom.

I closed the door and sighed out. 'Fuck. That was a mistake. Jason shouldn't tell anyone I don't think he would anyways. I control his paycheck,'I sighed as I slowly took my clothes off. Then I ran the water.

Jason's POV:

So am I not supposed to ask David what the fuck was that? No for these reasons:

1. He seemed pissed.
2. I have a son and I know how teens hide away when they don't want to talk about it.
3. He controls my paycheck.
4. I could just ask Y/N.

I mean who doesn't want to talk to to the next Angelina Jolie according to the New York Times. My son practically drools over this woman. I do too. And David.

Fuck I need to tell someone and David's in his bath being king of the world and living in his prime.

I heard a door open and close and a texting Zane making his way toward the kitchen. I popped my head out of the podcast room and he whipped his head making eye contact.

"Oh hey what's up,"he said acknowledging me and walking back to the kitchen.

I followed him and sighed as I thought about telling him. Zane's probably the worst person to tell.

He has a loud voice and a big mouth. Not to mention his need to make jokes about serious points.

"Finished podcasting. You?",I said fiddling with my cap.

"I'm hungry as hell. I'm raiding this fridge I don't care what David says. Where is he?",Zane said scanning through the sodas.

"Bath. He's really frustrated."

"About?",Zane looked at me while opening a soda with a loud noise.

"Lady problems,"I said in a dad voice. Zane laughed and sat down,"No way."

"Yep,"I said stopping myself.

Zane motioned with his hands to keep talking.

"N-No I shouldn't say,"I said while he groaned.  

"You have too! You brought this up!",Zane pushed me softly.

I just didn't know what to do anymore. Fuck maybe I'm the friend with the big mouth passing personal stuff to fellow big mouthed people.

"So?",Zane said raising a brow.

I'm a big mouthed person. I'm a big mouth loser. David's gonna kill me. And my big mouth. Fuck.

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