nayi shuruaat

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hii guys! before i start the chapter there are a few things.

first, the story will now remain in the past only.

secondly, i have made a few changes in the character everything is the same just the actors potraying the characters have changed. saloni in place of reem and reem in place of ashnoor. everything else is the same.

back to the story.


Abhishek: (angrily) maa ap aisi baatain kesay kar sakti ho?! ap expect bhi kesay kar saktay ho that ill agree to this?! you know i trust all your decisions but ap meri life ka itna bada decision to mujhse poochay bina ley hi chukay thay but atleast issay pehlay to mujhse pooch leti! siddharth doesnt care about all this, isiliyay it isnt effecting him but i do! meri choice hay, kuch demands hain! kabhi unkay baray main nahi socha! im not doing this.

(he stands up angrily and storms to his room. his mother is shocked as he never behaved this way before but siddharth is sitting silently like he expected this to happen)

vibha: siddharth.....

sid: maa ap tension na lo. ill take care of him and its my guarantee that kal hum dono jae gain. though i have told you before too that im fine with whatever is decided but aap chahti ho to i will go and take bhai as well. main unse baat karta houn.

(he leaves from there and goes to abhisheks room)


(abhi is painting something on a canvas standing at the corner of the room, aggressively and tensed, something he does when he is sad or angry)

sid: bhai

abhi: sid agar tu maa ki side lenay aya hai yahan to please chalay ja.

sid: bhai main yahan kisi ki side lenay nahi balkay apko apna point of view batane aya houn. ap yahan betho and meri baat suno, agar phir bhi apko meri baat sahi na lage to i will leave.

abhi: beth.

(sid and abhi sit down)

(sid: im 21 but main apni baatoun sey baray say baray business men ko convince kar sakta houn that dealing with us will be beneficial but if there is one person convincing whome is hard for me is bhai. aj sambhal lena, maa ko guarantee de chuka houn and everyone knows that be it family commitments or business commitments i never turn from my words, bas aj bhai ko persuade ker loun)

abhi: ab bol

sid: bhai bas ek question hai. aik bar milnay main kya bura hai?

abhi: sid? tujhe yad hai hum kitnay saal kay hai. tu 5 and main 7. sid 5 and 7, do you even understand how young these ages are. how immature children of this age are. sid hum itnay chote thay that marriage hota kya hai hum yeh bhi nahi samajhte the shayad. us age main, yeh soche bina that hum isko accept karain ge ya nahi, yeh soche bina that if this will ever be successful, they committed us to some girls. who i guess are even younger than us. we were 10 and 12 when we were told about it. and aj we are told that we have to go meet those girls, the girls we will marry one day. sid you know, we humans dont even know for sure that what might happen in 10 minutes, maybe aj hamari life ka last day ho, jis insan ko 10 minute bad ka kuch nahi pata, apni zindagi ka kuch nahi pata how can they decide about your life, your future 10, 15 years. sid i know tujhe love or relationship sey koi farq nahi padta but mujhay padta hai. but meri kuch expectations hain about how i want my life partner to be. how can i even tell you if this girl is like that. i want love not just marriage. i want to experiment, i want to experience. main apni life itni bhi boring nahi chahta that i never experience love. and above all main apne sath sath kisi aur ki life nahi kharab kar sakta

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