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Ellis Hollington has never been one to fall in love fast. Well, at least before junior year at Kensington Academy. The sudden change of heart did no good for Ellis. Although she was the queen bee, who's little worker bees wouldn't dare threaten her position, it didn't mean that she wasn't vulnerable. Although she was determined not to show it, Ellis Hollington was In fact, vulnerable. Very, very vulnerable. And, Ellis had a plan

Khloe Kinsella never meant to cause her mother's death. She didn't even realize it until after she was gone. She was never charged, the whole incident was never acknowledged. After that, Khloe hid in the shadows while her father threatened the press, telling them that if they even dared to let one word slip, he'd come for them. After all, it was only an accident. Or so it seems

McKenna Bradley had a strong urge of wanting. It's not that she wanted the new Chanel bag, she already owned it. McKenna wanted her anxiety to go away. She had faked it for years, ironing it out of her thoughts, like she was doing her hair. Her entire society prided themselves on being normal, and so should she. Nobody but her therapist, and family knew, and that's exactly how McKenna wanted it. But, secrets are meant to be spilled

James Kirkland always had a thing for McKenna. He never showed his feelings, which apparently was something that was supposed to be done. So, when McKenna told the reporters about that night, he was devastated. So, James -like most people would- decided to get revenge. Although McKenna never found out, James did something awful. Something only a person with wrong intentions would do.

Jackson Lindstrom was always considered the good boy. At one time he was. Before Ellis. Ellis destroyed his innocence, ripped apart his conscience, and broke his heart. So, when Ellis shows back up, Jackson was dumbfounded. Absolutely shocked, he thought that he'd seen the last of her. So, of course, never one to loose, Jackson decided that he just couldn't forgive Ellis. After all, what would a broken, golden boy do?

Thomas Blackburn decided that family didn't matter long before his dad vanished. But, as the rest of the circle believed, his dad was still in drug rehab. If only it was that simple. Thomas was the only one who knew the full story. A story that he was not planning on sharing. Ever. But, someone knew just how to get it out of him

Some background on my babes! Y'all I'm so excited to write this! I never really felt that way with my last book, so hopefully I can get back in this one!!

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