Chapter Sixteen

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"I just...I literally just got him back. Hell, I just met the guy. I didn't- I don't want to have lost my brother already." Andy whispered. All the demigods except Percy we're huddled together across the room, Percy sitting on his bed patiently. Andy looked over his shoulder briefly to look at his brother.

Percy was sitting on the edge of his bed, Katastrofí out in sword form in his hands. Percy was running his finger over the edge of the blade carefully as to not cut himself.

Andy looked back at the others. "Gods, he didn't even recognize our mother's name." Andy placed his face in his hands frustratedly. To comfort, Asher lightly rubbed the son of Poseidon's back. "It'll be alright, Andy. We'll get him back." Rynn said with a smile, although everyone knew that getting Percy back would need a miracle. Once again, Andy looked over his shoulder at Percy. "We won't get him back. I'm sure of it." Andy declared. "What? Andy, be hopeful-" Noah was quickly cut off. "After the Cleansing, the only way to get the emotions and the ability to be the same back is to want to be able to feel like that again. Clearly, Percy has been through lots. Me telling him about Poseidon and Zeus and how they erased my existence from his and our mom's memories didn't help with that. I know that if I was Percy, I'm not sure I would want to be able to feel either." Andy finished.

"Well, what do we do then?" Arabella asked in a hushed tone. There was silence for a moment before Rynn snapped her fingers quickly, eyes brightening. "What is it?" Everyone else questioned. "I heard Kronos talking someone the other day- don't quite know who it was; I was eavesdropping- and Kronos said that there will be brief breaks in form after the Cleansing caused by certain trigger words. Basically, we might be able to trigger Percy to be back to normal for a couple minutes at a time." Rynn completed.

"Great! How do we trigger him?" Asher countered. Rynn seemed to deflate a little. "I have...absolutely no idea." "Great." Asher repeated, less enthusiastically.

A knock on the door startled everyone, Percy's hand shooting into his pocket to get a grip on Katastrofí. "It's okay, Percy." Arabella eased, resulting in Percy slowly retracting his hand as he stood. Arabella opened the door to reveal two guardsmen- Derrick Cape, Arabella's best friend and some other guy- clad in armor. "Sorry to bother you, Mercy, but Lord Kronos has requested that you, Charles, Santos, Christians, Jackson, and Cast report to the throne room. General Jackson is to go to room H-201." The other guardsman said. "Cool. Thanks." Arabella replied. She did a quick handshake with Derrick, followed by the both of them laughing before he left with his partner.

"Shall we be going, then?" Juliana asked with over-politeness. Everyone but Percy laughed and nodded, Percy simply standing and following them out. "How do you feel, Percy?" Asher questioned. "Fine." "Fine?" "Yes." Asher gave Andy a kill-me-now-please look. "Will you ever respond with more than one word?" Andy asked his brother. "Maybe." Percy replied. Arabella laughed.

Eventually, they stumbled upon room H-201. "This is where you go, Percy." Noah explained. Without another word, Percy entered the room. Gazing after him as the door closed, the others walked to the throne room.

It was three hours before anyone saw Percy again.

When the demigod was finally seen, he was returning to his room from H-201. His face was littered in bruises, a small cut going from his bottom lip to the top of his chin, hair tousled and messy, and eyes wide and almost panicked. "Percy?!" Andy has shouted as his brother walked towards him. The other demigods all exited their rooms and such, meeting up with Percy and the scared Andy running to his twin.

"Oh my gods, Percy, are you okay?" Rynn cried out concernedly. "Yeah. Yeah, of course. I'm great." Percy replied, voice monotone and emotionless as he pushed past Andy, quite literally pushing him out of the way by his shoulders. The demigod stood there, stunned, while he tried to figure out what happened to his brother. The sound of Percy's door closing brought Andy out of his stunned silence.

The other demigods all quickly knocked on Percy's door before entering, seeing Percy pick up a large book and walk up to the mirror. "Percy?" Juliana called. Percy looked at something in the book before focusing really hard on his face in the mirror. Everyone gasped as all the injuries on Percy's face slowly healed themselves, the bruises disappearing and the cut healing. With a contented sound, Percy skies the book and walked across the room towards his closet.

"Percy?" It was Rynn calling his name this time. Disregarding everyone in the room, Percy looked down at his shirt. The top around the neck was covered in blood- Percy's blood. The son of Poseidon quickly took off his shirt, standing there shirtless as he ignored everyone else and grabbed a new shirt. "Percy, please talk to us." Andy begged. "About what?" Percy replied. "About where you got those bruises and cuts on your face. About the blood on your shirt. About what happened in general."

"Ah. That's nothing. Don't worry." Percy said quickly. Andy walked over to Percy's and cupped his twin brother's face in his hands. "I do worry, Percy, because I'm your brother and I'll be damned if I lose you again." Andy whispered. Some form of recognition flickered across Percy's face before he doubled over in pain, groaning. "Percy!" Arabella called, rushing over and helping Andy stand Percy up and get him to his bed.

All the demigods watched fearfully as Percy groaned in pain. "Percy, what's wrong?" Andy questioned. Percy's groans slowly faded until he was just laying there with his eyes clenched tight. "Hurts." He muttered. "What?" "Hurts." Percy repeated. "What hurts?" Asher asked. "Head." Percy replied.

Through hushed whimpers of pain, Percy managed to get out, "Feels I can feel myself slipping away. Like- Like I'm losing who I am. I can't remember things. I can't- I just can't. I'm slipping away again. Please don't let me slip away again. It hurts."

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