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Emma fell asleep after a couple minutes and then I decided to take a nap to. I couldn’t help i,t I was so tired from the journey. Then I felt the grip on my hand tighten, waking me up. I looked at Snow who's eyes were opening.
‘’Hey’’I said giving her a soft smile.
‘’Hey, you okay?’’Emma asked
She then sprung up.
‘’Whats going on?’’I asked and Emma and I stood up as she ran over to the rock were Mulan had crushed the flower.
‘’I'm looking for more powder’’Snow said desperately.
‘’I'm pretty sure were out of that. What happened?’’Emma asked
 ‘’I have to go back in, he's all alone’’Snow said sadly
‘’Henry? Is he okay?’’I asked
‘’No, David.  He went under a sleeping spell so he could see me. He thought my kiss would wake him but it didn’t and now hes trapped’’snow explained fast, She was about to break down, i could tell.
‘’Alright slow down.  David is trapped in there?’’Emma asked
Snow stood from her crouch on the floor and faced us.
‘’I have to get back. There's only one way to help him’’
‘’True loves kiss’’I said
‘’Yes but it wont work in there.’’
Snow took me and Emma's hands’’We have to get back, if we don’t’’she said desperately, almost in tears.
‘’We will get back, Snow’’I said
‘’We will’’Emma agreed
‘’You two are so sure?’’Snow said.
‘’Yes’’I said nodding at her
‘’you told us to have faith and now i'm giving faith to you. We will make it back. Okay. Did you get the information’’Emma said in a soft tine.
Snow nodded’’its Rumpelstiltskin. He said the key to stopping her is in his jail cell’’Snow said calming down a little.
‘’Okay, then lets go get it’’I said
‘’Come on get your stuff’’Emma said helping her from her off the rock were she was sitting and to her stuff. Poor David, but we will get back and Snow will give him true loves kiss and everything will be alright. Emma then started looking around.
‘’Whats wrong?’’I asked Emma looked at me and then Snow
‘’The compass is gone’’
I looked around’’and Mulan. That bitch’’
No she cant do this to us. I have to get my sister and my niece back home.
I said taking a bow, Emma's.’’Mind if I borrow this?’’
‘’All yours’’Emma said.
And we took of running. Following the boots marks. We finally caught up to her and I took an arrow and I placed it in the bow, I really hope that Peter's bow and arrow lessons payed off. I then shot it and hit the tree, like I wanted. Mulan gasped and turned towards us, looking at me.
‘’Oh that was just a warning shot, but I can grantee the next one wont be’’I said raising my eyebrow and glaring at her.
‘’How did you find me?’’Mulan asked
‘’I know a thing or two about tracking’’Snow said
‘’All we want is the compass’’Emma said
‘’Very well’’
Mulan went to take her sword out but snow tackled her to the ground and held her there.
‘’Give me the compass'’Snow said forcefully. Snow isn't taking any of Mulan's shit.
‘’And seal Aurora's fate’’Mulan said
‘’We learned how to over power Cora. Once we get what we need, we will defeat her and Aurora will be free.’’
‘’Another journey, just how I predicted it would be. Our best chance to save Aurora is to make that trade now’’Mulan said. Okay i'm so getting sick of her.
‘’Not gonna happen. Without the compass we cant get home’’I said glaring down at her
‘’Well then I hope your prepared to use that arrow’’Mulan said
''What ever gets me back to Storybrooke then so be it''i said holding the bow up. I wasn't actually going to do it, but threatening might work.
‘’Stop!’’I heard a voice say and Aurora came out. How the hell did she escape Cora?!
‘’Don’t take this the wrong way but how did the hell get away from Cora?’’Emma asked
‘’Let Mulan go’’Aurora said walking closer to us.’’I said let her go’’
Snow stood up and then Mulan’’Were you followed?’’
Aurora shook her head’’I don’t think so. Cora may know i'm gone but she didn’t see me escape’’
‘’How did you get away from her?’’Emma asked
She looked at Emma’’It was hook. He let me go’’
‘’Why?’’I asked.
Aurora looked at me and gave me a soft smile’’Because of you and Emma. He wanted to prove to Emma that she should have trusted him. that if you trusted him you could have defeated Cora together. That the three of you could have gotten the remains of the wardrobe. Without him you will have to go up against her all by yourself’’
‘’See Emma we should have trusted him. But you just don’t listen to me’’I said glaring at her.
‘’Roselina, he wanted me to tell you that he's not mad that you left him, it wasn’t your choice. That he still cares for you’’
I nodded and smiled to myself, he cares for me. After everything he still cares for me.
‘’Did you find a way to stop Cora?’’she asked
‘’Yes’’Emma said
‘’Where are we going?’’
‘’Rumpelstiltskin cell’’I said
‘’Great, then lead the way’’
Snow started walking in front of us, I followed her. More walking, but im sure it will pay off in the end.

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