Chapter 10

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*Valeria's POV*

Valeria woke up in a great mood, first day of a new semester. It had been a long semester break. Whith so much happening over the past two months, she was happy to get back to her classes and be more productive.
With that inind, She got out of bed and got ready for the day.

Checking the time while she put on her army boots, she saw she had an hour to spare before her first class. It was a sunny day so she decided to go to the cafe nearby and have some time with God. Smilling to herself, she grabbed her bag and headed to the cafe.

She was in such a great mood, nothing and no one could ruin it. She found a table outside and ordered her coffee. While waiting, she got out her bible and note book and began to study some scriptures. She was so engrossed in her study, that she did not notice the waiter with her coffee untill he spoke up. As she thanked him, she heard a familiar voice at the table behind her...a voice that she had avoided for the past two months.

She stole a glance, and found a pair of eyes staring back at her then quickly avert

She stole a glance, and found  a pair of eyes staring back at her then quickly avert

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Kyle, he had changed his apearance a bit, but his good looks were still visible.. She mentally slapped herself for taking note of his looks.

She was not mad at him, she had forgiven him months ago, and even been consistant in praying for him. But she had felt it best for her to give him space. Now that they had both seen each other, she was not sure whether she should come up to him and say hi or just walk away.

As she was going through the mental tug of war, she heard that all too familiar voice again this time directed at her.

"hi Val"
Kyle was standing next to her with his hand in his pocket looking almost unsure of himself.

"hi" was all she could manage to say.

"how have you been?"

"good, and yourself?"

"not too bad"
Kyle opened his mouth as though about to say something, but then suddenly changed his mind and walked away abruptly.

Valeria did not know what to make of his reaction, but chose to shrug it off. She grabbed her things and headed towards the same direction Kyle stalked off to. It was almost time for her first class and she did not want to be late.

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