One Hour

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Jungkook (19 y/o) x reader (18 y/0)

Warning: contains physical harassment and depression.



*Y/N's POV*

I'm standing in front of my house. Doubting if i should walk in or not. You see, i had detention today so i'm late home. And i bet my parents aren't going to like it.

I breath in and out deeply before grabbing the door knob and open it. I silently put my bag and shoes in the hall and hang my coat on the coat rack.

I walk further the hall in and i'm greeted by an angry father.

'HOW DARE YOU BE SO LATE HOME!' He says and raises his hand. He slaps me on the cheek and i'm sure that's gonna leave a mark.

'Ouch' i mumble. 'WHAT DID I TELL YOU? NO MUMBLES!' He balls his fist and gives me a punch in the stomach. I groan and fall to the ground. Pain rushing through my body.

'Now, get your fucking ass inside the living room, your mom is waiting!' I immediately walk the living room in and sit on the floor, cause if i sit on the couch my father throws me off, i'm not allowed to sit on the couch.

'I got called today. School called saying they think we abuse you! What the hell have you told them!?' My mother asks looking at me angrily.

I didn't tell anyone anything. One reason is because i simply don't have friends. Second reason is, i know that if i tell one of my teachers they are gonna call my parents and then i'm dead. Literally.

'I didn't say anything i swear! Maybe they were suspicious?' I really didn't know why they called. Maybe the bruises on my face?

'I'm gonna call the school now and you are gonna tell them you love us do you understand!?' My mother says sternly and i can only nod.

She grabs her phone and calls a number, i assume the school.

'Hello? Yes with Miss Y/L/N, you called today about us abusing our child Y/N ... Yes she is here right now ... Of course you can speak with her, here she is.' With that she hands me her phone and i carefully grab it, cause if i make it fall i'm dead.

'Hello sir? ... Oh don't worry nothing is going on ... Yes i of course love them ... Yes i'm alright ... Okay, bye.' I hung up and gave the phone back to my mother. I almost threw up at the thought of saying i love my parents, cause hell nahw do i love them.

'Good, now if this ever happens again, you're gonna be punished!' it doesn't scare me a lot since i get punished everyday even if i didn't do anything wrong so i'm used to it.

'Now get the hell out of my sight i don't wanna see you ugly bitch.' My father spoke and slaps the back of my head, and i immediately run towards my room.

I close my door and sit with my back against the door on the ground. Tears starting to escape, and i sob softly.

Why the hell are they doing this to me? Because they hate you. Why did they even made a kid if they're treating me like this? They need something to react on. What did i do to deserve this? Everything.

I stand up while crying and walk towards my bathroom which is next to my room. I open the door and walk in.

I walk towards the sink and open a drawer. And there they are, my little friends. I was first afraid of them but i started to see them as my friends.

I grab one of the little knives and hold it against my arm, which still has old wounds on it. Why am i doing this? Because you deserve this. Why do i always listen to that stupid voice? Cause you know i'm right.

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