Love? It's All Relative.... (brotherXsister)

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It's just not fair! She's known me her whole life, and yet she'd rather go off with some pretty boy she's just met! I love her with all my heart, and I have for the last three years, but she can't see that. I know everything about her, all her likes and dislikes, even the only way to calm her down when she's upset. There are only three people who know that, and he isn't one of them. Why though? What has he got that I haven't? He's not that smart, or good looking, and his family aren't that rich. Not to mention he has the personality of a discarded newspaper.

On paper, I'm the perfect guy for her. In reality, ditto. I just can't see why she doesn't realise that I'm the one she should be with. Although... The fact I'm her brother might have something to do with it...

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