“Are you okay?” Zayn repeated himself, looking at me with concern.

       “Uh,” I replied dumbly as I snapped out of my daze, looking down and shifting around on my feet. I winced at the pain as the hot liquid seeped through my thin shirt.

       I winced again and replied, “Um, yeah, it just… burns.”

      “Let’s get you to the washroom,” he told me as he led me back into Tim Horton’s and into the washroom.

       When were in the washroom, he grabbed some paper towels, wet them with cold water, and began dabbing gingerly at the stain on my shirt. Embarrassed, he smiled nervously and handed me the paper, not wanting to make contact with my skin.

       After a few more minutes of dabbing and wiping, Zayn cleared his throat to break the silence.

       “So… does it still hurt?” he asked.

       “No, it feels better now,” I assured him as I saw his face relax.

       “Oh, okay, that’s a relief. Listen, I’m really sorry about bumping into you. I guess I was just thinking about my break up with Perrie earlier.”

       “YOU WHAT?!”

       Zayn stared at me, surprised at my sudden change of attitude.

       Realizing what I had just said, I quickly mumbled, “Oh, um, I meant, why did you break up?”

       “The paps captured a photo of me and another girl kissing. I mean, I didn’t cheat on Perrie; the girl was just a fan and jumped on my face. Perrie thought that I was cheating on her and dumped me. She wouldn’t believe me when I told her the truth.”

       “It’s okay, Zayn, I believe you,” I told him.

       Sighing, he replied, “Thanks. Anyway, do you want me to buy you another coffee?”

       “Oh, no, it’s okay. I’m not in the mood anymore.”

       “Sorry about that. Well, do you want me to walk you back home?”

       “No!” I said way too quickly, “Um, I meant, uh, my house is infested with, err, rats.” Damn, that was stupid.

       “Do you want to spend the night at our place?” offered Zayn.

       Shocked, my mouth gaped open but I quickly closed it. “Really? Um, are you sure? I mean, if that’s okay with you, I would like to…”

       “Yeah, no problem.”

       “Okay, hold on a sec.” I said as I walked out of the washroom and into my room, unaware that Zayn was following behind me.

       I quickly packed all of my belongings back into the suitcase, leaving a note on the couch for Susan, thanking her for the temporary home and the food. As I turned around, I saw Zayn staring at my suitcase suspiciously.

       “Why is your suitcase here?” he asked, narrowing his eyes just a fraction.

       I panicked, trying to find a reasonable lie on why my belongings were at Tim Horton’s. “The rat infestation at my house is, um, a lot of trouble. I called pest control, and they said that it’s gonna take a few days to rid my house completely of them. So I packed my belongings and found a place to stay for the time being,” I said, praying that he would believe me.

       Luckily, he nodded, but I could still see a little bit of doubt in his eyes.

       “So are you ready to leave?” he asked.

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