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"Love man that's all I am now  
I'm just a love man "


I didn't miss the shocked look on Harrys face when we were able to just cut the line to the club, the bouncers opening the rope and giving me a recognising smile.

"How... How did you just get us in here like that?" he'd asked in disbelief.

I just gave him a dramatic cocky look "I don't know if I've told you this Harry, but I'm kind of a big deal"

He only rolled his eyes while Finn piped up behind us.

"And a giant pain in the ass"

Thanks Finn. Love you too dickhead.

We all spent the night gathered around a table, drinking and talking absolute shit, laughing hysterically and insulting each other, also singing along incredibly off key to all the songs we knew.

Well, that Harry and I knew - sorry Finn, there's no Madonna tonight.

Harry and I made up a drinking game between ourselves for about an hour, for every time pointed at a guy and exclaimed loudly.

"See him? That's my new husband, he just doesn't know it yet"

Finn has about 15 husband's so far.

I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a night out this much, surrounded by the two people I adore the most even if one of them is making blow job actions with his fist and tongue at me, when Harry wasn't looking before mouthing "Welcome to the cocksuckers club loser".

I just flipped him off, to which he would just grin in between  Harry and I, making dramatic thrusting motions with his arms and hips while nodding and saying "You'll be a professional cock rider soon"

And you'll have my foot professionally up your ass soon Finn.


He'd enjoy that.

Never mind.

Harry was being a Mr. Grabby Hands all night, I don't think there wasn't a second he wasn't touching me, whether it was his hand on my back, hip, grazing my hand or just having his arm wrapped around me, it was like he was glued to me.

And so were his eyes for that matter, there were a few times he was talking to me and I head to click my fingers in front of his face, gesturing his stare from my chest and saying.

"My eyes are up here pretty boy"

He'd just smile at me sheepishly, but I'd notice him continuously glancing down as we would talk, trying to do it inconspicuously.

He's was as inconspicuous as a dildo on someone's forehead, bless him for trying though.

I'm on cloud nine tonight, I just never want it to end.

When I hear a familiar song come on, I immediately whip my excited face to Harry.

It's Do You Love Me by The Contours, and I know he knows exactly what I'm thinking of.

I get a mischievous grin, and start to wiggle my shoulders as I start to back away from him to the dance floor and he watches me raising his brow.

Finn just watches us leaning on the table, sipping his drink in amusement, before getting his attention caught like a distracted puppy by a guy walking past, slamming his drink down and hurrying off behind him.

I smile before I purse my lips, wiggling my hips and swinging flowing dress up at the sides with a daring look at Harry.

I smile before I purse my lips, wiggling my hips and swinging flowing dress up at the sides with a daring look at Harry

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