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On TV that night, a special announcement came on. The Press had been called to the Eiffel Tower and it showed someone walking up on top of the tower, the figure looked down and then looked as if it was speaking to itself. No sound could be heard from this far down but soon enough, the figure jumped.

Everyone gasped but it quickly stopped when the figure slowed itself down by spinning its staff.

It was Chat Noir.

Landing down on all fours, he stood up straight to the cheering crowd.

"Friends, Parisians, Countrymen. lend me your ears..." He called out, arms either side of him, mimicking William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

"I have a special treat for you all! Tonight you will see... the death... of Chat Noir..." With a wide grin, Chat Noir dashed forward, grabbing the camera man as everyone around them began to scream.

He had said one word as he dashed forward.


Turning the camera on the camera man, he slowly began to turn to black dust. Lifting the camera to look at himself, Chat Noir laughed into the frame "So beautiful, so much fun.. One by one, I will turn every single one of you to dust. Chat Noir is dead..."

And in a slow fizzle of purple energy mixed with the dull green of Chat Noir's eye shade, he began to change. Marinette would know that purple energy anywhere.


Black turned white, his bright green eyes remained the same but flashed a purple glow.

"All rise... Chat Blanc!" He began to laugh loudly, maniacal. There were screaming, the camera fell as he dropped it and it showed Chat Noir, no... Chat Blanc, murdering all the crowd around him with his Cataclysm and his claws. Blood dripping down over his white suit from the claw slashes.

Marinette couldn't believe her eyes. Never in her life had she seen such murderous intent in Chat Noir's eyes. She knew now what she had to do, though.

"Tikki, spots on!"

The instant her transformation into Ladybug was complete, she grappled her way to the Eiffel Tower using her Yo-yo. Once there, she jumped from the top of the tower and onto Chat Blanc.

"Stop this, now!"

Her fingers were tight around his wrist s as she pinned him to the ground. "I thought you were better than to give into an Akuma, Kitty. Why don't you just make this easy and tell me where it is."

She tried to keep a brave face for the citizens but inside, she was devastated. Adrien would never forgive himself if he ever saw what he'd done in his right mind.

"Why hello there Princess" He spoke the word slowly, teasingly. "Or shall I say my love? My girl?" He grinned up at her.

"Who says I gave into an Akuma?" He tilted his head. "I asked Hawkmoth to give me them... turns out that it's pretty easy.. in fact..." He smiled wider, his jaws moving impossibly wide, almost like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.

"You can ask him yourself..."

"Greetings Marinette..." the voice came from behind her. Walking out of the shade of the Tower, Hawkmoth stepped out.

"Yes, I know who you are. Adrien told me everything." He motioned to Chat Blanc on the floor, who was grinning at her with his wide toothy grin.

"And he accepted my gift... to help me... please surrender your miraculous and once I am done with it, you may have it back." He spoke softly.

"Yes Marinette.. give it over and he'll give you it right back, he gave me mine back.." He laughed as his hand opened up, still glowing with his Cataclysm power, his ring now white on his finger instead of black or silver.

"Do it for..." The mask disappeared and Adrien's face was revealed to her. "For me? Your love?" He asked in an innocent tone; luckily there were no active cameras or people around, having fled or cut off from live TV

She was trapped. Hawkmoth was behind her and Chat Blanc was beneath her.

"Hawkmoth! You mean you gave your Miraculous to him! How! How could you, Adrien? You even told him who I really was? Why would you do that? Do you really hate me that much?"

Her grip on him tightened as he'd returned to Adrien. "You really think you can manipulate me into doing this just because I love you? What about Paris? All those people you just killed! I could never love you the way you are now."

She glanced over her shoulder at Hawkmoth, tears streaming down her face. "I promised I'd never let my Miraculous fall into the wrong hands and I i specially don't want to become anything like what you did to Adrien. But I'll fight until I get my Adrien back! I'll die for the Adrien I fell in love with!"

Facing her beloved once more, she watched her tears fall onto him. "I'm going to save you somehow." Pulling his arms closer together, she used one hand to keep him down while the other reaches for his Miraculous.

"He did offer it, but I declined it." Hawkmoth spoke, slowly walking around them, his cane clicking as he walked. "Adrien here was told the truth of my mission, he offered to help me."

"Yes... I offered to help.." The Akumatised face of Adrien grinned up at her, changing back to his Chat Blanc form.

"He offered to help because he understood why. He asked for more power so I granted it, there are side effects to my power in the way I use it. Unfortunately Chat Blanc was born out of it. Once my job is over, I'll wipe his memory. I'll make sure Adrien never remembers what he did." Hawkmoth sounded... reluctant, saddened at it.

"Marinette.." Chat Blanc spoke and tilted his head. "Do you know my mother?" He asked her curiously. "Do you know that my mother disappeared... never to be seen again?" He asked, everyone knew that; it was part of Adrien's biography online. The "Tragic backstory."

"He can save her, he's been trying to save her... Do I tell her?" He asked Hawkmoth, who shook his head.

"I will..." Reaching up, he removed his miraculous, in a flash of purple. Gabriel Agreste stood in front of her with his Kwami.

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