You're on your period

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He had no idea what to do.
'Luther!' You cried from your bed. He cams rushing to your aid, a anxious look plastered on his face. 'Please don't have a go at me again...'

'What was that?!'

'Nothing! You wanted chocolate right baby?' You grinned and nodded as he groaned and walked out. 'I love you!'

'I know you do!'

He would refuse to leave your side. He was scared something would happen to you. So he'd constantly be by your side, bringing you food and hot water bottles. 'Are you okay? How are you feeling now?'

'Diego, you asked me this 30 seconds ago. I'm fine baby, okay?'

Funnily enough, you both started at the same time so you were both super grumpy. But you both knew neither of you meant it.


'Please bring me some waffles!'

'Get them yourself!'

'But you're in the kitchen?!'

Klaus, Klaus Klaus...
Bless his little cotton socks
He'd have no fucking clue what he was meant to do

'Babe!' You screamed as he sat up, before sending you a smile caressing your cheek. 'What's wrong?'

'Can you get me some pain killers?' You groaned, clutching your stomach. He rolled his eyes

'Can't Ben do itttttt?'

'Ben isn't here!'

'That's what you think...'

He'd try and either make out with you the entire time, or try to cheer you up. But never the less, he'd constantly be by your side whenever you needed him there

'Yes baby?'

'Can I have some cuddles?' You pouted and he grinned, snuggling up next to you. 'How're you feeling now'

'I kinda want some noodles. Fiveeee?'

'Y/n! What do I need to get you?! Tissues chocolate teddy bears flowers-'

'Ben baby chill' you grabbed your stomach. 'It's just my period'

He turned pale. 'Oh shit that's even worse! I'll be back with it in a minute'

'Babe I'm fine!'

'Okay bye bye now get some rest- I love you!'

She knew what it was like, so she knew just how to help you
She turned on your favourite movie, and sat with you on the couch, stuffing your face with chocolate

'Vanya, honey?'


'Can you move over a bit?' You sat her on the floor, her head under yours. 'Thank you' You smiled, sprawling out over the couch

'You're lucky I love you y/n...'

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