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Professor Snape had managed to find the real Mad-Eye Moody in a large enchanted chest in the corner of the office. He had taken him out whilst Professor McGonagall informed Azkaban that they were missing a prisoner. 

"I want you to come up to my office, Harry," Dumbledore said as he led the boy out of the office, "Sirius is waiting for us there."

"What about Aurora?" Harry asked, his voice raw as he followed the Headmaster.

"She is being well looked after by Madam Pomfrey right now," Dumbledore explained, trying to reassure Harry. However, he didn't find it reassuring even one bit. 

"Professor," Harry mumbled, "Where's Mr Diggory?"

"They are with Professor Sprout," Dumbledore said, his voice shook slightly, "She was the Head of Cedric's house, and knew him best."

They finally reached the stone gargoyle which hid the entrance to the Headmaster's office, once Dumbledore said the password it sprung open and he and Harry walked up the moving spiral staircase to a large oak door. Dumbledore pushed it open and rushed Harry in.

Sirius was standing there. His face was pale and filled with worry. His eyes dark as he looked up from the desk to find Harry standing by the door. In one swift movement he had crossed the room, "Harry, are you all right? I knew it- I knew some thing like this- what happened?"

Harry looked defeated as Sirius helped him into a chair before he looked up at Dumbledore who explained everything to the man. Leaving only one important detail out. 

"Aurora," Harry mumbled, his voice barely hearable.

Sirius turned his head quickly to look at the boy, feeling as if he almost got whiplash, "What?"

Harry finally broke down. His body shook as tears slid out of his eyes, "She was trying to protect me."

Sirius knelt down as he looked at Harry, he placed his hands gently onto the boys shoulders before Harry wrapped his arms around the man's torso, "Where is she?" he asked Harry, "Where's Aurora?"

"I-In the Hospital Wing," Harry muttered, his arm leaving his Godfather who angrily looked at Dumbledore for confirmation. The bearded man just nodded his head sadly, his eyes peering over his half moon glasses as his eyes filled with sorrow. 

Before anyone could even realise what was happening Sirius had disappeared and was replaced with a large black dog, he ran over to the door looking back at Harry but before Harry could move Dumbledore placed his hand on his shoulder.

"Sirius, think straight about this and don't transform back," The Headmaster instructed, his eyes were stern but fair as he and Harry walked over to the door, before they all made their way down to the Hospital Wing.

When they arrived at the Wing they could see Mr and Mrs Weasley, Ron, Ginny, Hermione, Fred, George, Lee, Charlie and Remus  standing around one bed as Madam Pomfrey scolded them for being so loud. 

The black dog rushed over to the large group before he stopped in his tracks as he saw the familiar black hair sprawled all around the pillow of a hospital bed. Dumbledore and Harry followed, the Headmaster quickly pulled the curtains around the bed as Harry got engulfed in hugs by the Weasley family. 

Sirius didn't even wait for Dumbledore's blessing, he quickly transformed himself back before he ran over to Aurora's side and held tightly onto her hand. His vision blurred as tears gathered up in his dark eyes, "What happened?" he asked looking back at the Weasley family. 

Fred, who was sat on Aurora's other side holding her hand, spoke up, "We don't know. Madam Pomfrey hasn't told us exactly what happened. She said she's given her a sleeping potion."

Sirius' head snapped to the ginger boy, he nodded understandingly as he looked at Fred's hand which was intertwined with his daughter's. The boy's eyes were red and bloodshot as he looked at the girl lying in the hospital bed. 

"It was the Cruciatus Curse," Harry finally spoke up, shocking everyone as they stared at him in disbelief, "She was trying to protect me. She was going to hit him with a spell....but he was just too fast."

Sirius let out a sob at hearing the words, his hand stroking his daughter's black hair as he looked at her pale sleeping face, "I'm going to kill him," He mumbled, his voice laced with poison as he turned around trying to leave.

"Stay here, be with your daughter. Barty Crouch Junior is going back to Azkaban," Remus stopped him, "Do you want to end up back there too?"

Sirius stopped dead in his tracks. His body stiffened but he thought carefully about his best friend's words. His shoulders relaxed ever so slightly as he turned back around and sat down on the chair besides Aurora, "I'm not leaving here until she wakes up."

"Me too," Fred mumbled, he didn't even bother looking up at his family. He couldn't stop looking at her, he was going to do everything he could to make sure she was okay once she wakes up. 

Mr Weasley nodded, "We'll leave you alone, it's getting a bit crowded. Let us know when she wakes up."

George, Lee and Remus stayed behind as everyone left the curtained area. George placed a comforting arm on his brother's shoulder before he and Lee left as well, their expressions sad as they shared one last glance at their best friend who was lying unconscious in the hospital bed. 

Remus walked over and placed a gentle kiss on Aurora's forehead before he pulled away and strolled over to the curtain.

"Stay," Sirius said, causing the werewolf to look back at him, "She'll want you here as well when she wakes up," he explained finally looking away from his daughter at his best friend, his eyes sad and silently pleading for him to stay.

Remus nodded his head before he pulled up the last empty chair and gently sat down in it. His head resting in his hands as his elbows were placed on his knees. 

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