Chapter 7

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Kenzie's POV

I didnt know what to say when I saw Jess. When he saw me he slowly walked over to me and my first instinct was to just walk away because he can be unpredictable.

"Hey.." I say to him.

"Hey." Jess says.

"Umm... I didnt expect you to actually show." I say.

"Wait Im confused." He says.

"Jess, listen I dont know what Luke said to you, but... We really need to talk." I say.

He looked at me and he followed me to Luke's diner. When Luke saw us he didnt know what to say or do.

"Umm.. Hey Uncle Luke." Jess says.

"Jess." Luke says.

"Hey Luke can we go up to the apartment please?" I ask.

"Sure." Luke says.

Jess and I went up to the apartment and I sat at the table.

"Look I really have to tell you something and I dont know how your going to react to this." I say.

"Kenz, whats going on?" Jess asks.

"Okay. First off I want you to know what Im not gonna push anything on you. You have a choice in what you want to do. I need you to know that whatever you choose its up to you." I say.

"Okay your making no sense." He says and sits down.

"Well its about to make sense cause.... Im Pregnant." I say.

His face just went blank and he jut got up and rushed right out of the apartment. Well now I know Im alone in this.

Jess's POV

I wasnt sure what Kenzie was gonna tell me, but I wasnt expecting what she said. I had to get out of there and get out quick. Though before I could leave the diner Luke grabbed me by my jacket and pulled me into the Storage unite.

"What the hell?" I question.

"You better not be leaving." Luke says.

"I have to go. I cant be apart of this. I'll ruin the child's life." I say.

"You will not do this to Kenzie or your child. Jess please be better then your father. Dont do this." He says.

Before I could reply I saw Kenzie leaving out the diner looking very sad. I wasnt sure what was write or was wrong I just knew if Im involved that child it wont be well. Kenzie and my child are better off with off without me. I cant ruin their lives I just cant do that.

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