Chapter 21: We Are Who We Are

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Ryn heard the lilting sound of quiet conversation drift through the apartment door and, with a quick reassuring glance back at Darcy and Elizabeth standing behind her, she rapped her knuckles sharply three times.

The door pulled open, moments later.

With a flash of her eyes, Ryn noticed Kiley scan over her and her two companions.

'Come in, quickly,' she hissed, ushering them into the apartment. 'We think we were followed....'

'Followed?' Ryn replied, just as quietly. 'By who?'

'We're not exactly sure....' Replied another familiar voice.

She peered over to see Jackson Frost perched on the edge of the couch. Her excitement flared up again. Does that mean Kiley succeeded in convincing him?

'Do you think anyone saw you guys come in?' Kiley questioned the three of them now.

'I didn't see anyone,' Darcy shook his head, shrugging. 'Did you, Bunny?'

'No one that was watching us,' Elizabeth replied, 'There were a few pedestrians strolling about outside, but that's just the usual night-time traffic.'

Kiley almost wilted with relief.

'I didn't see their faces, but,' she glanced back at Jackson. 'They were definitely keeping on our trail. This was several hours ago, though... maybe they gave up and went home?'

The young man folded his arms across a broad chest.

'We've had creeps stalking around the Garden of Pendragon a lot, recently. Especially since, you know...' he glanced up at Aderyn briefly, making her wonder just what Kiley told him to persuade him to join her, 'Scorp Tower's incident last weekend. But this group had a definite mutant-hating vibe. They were just looking for trouble...'

'Well... hopefully they're not looking for it here,' Darcy shrugged, pulling a chair out from the table and sitting himself down, 'because, quite frankly, we're trying to avoid it. Especially if they're wearing badges.'

'I think we'd all like to avoid trouble,' Kiley replied. 'And uh... who are you two again?'

'Apologies,' Elizabeth said with a polite smile. 'My name is Elizabeth Graeson, and this is Darcy More. He's got plenty of words up those sleeves of his, but sadly few of them include manners.'

'Hey,' he protested, earning himself a glare from his partner, before muttering to himself. 'I can be well-mannered...'

'Wait, wait...' Jackson rose to his feet. 'More and Graeson? I've heard of you guys... in the papers.'

Darcy's eyes went wide. 'Oh, uh... You probably have the wrong people.'

Jackson arched an eyebrow. 'You're those cat-burglars aren't you?'

'Cat burglars?' Elizabeth folded her arms, staring at the younger man sternly. 'How dare you accuse us like that?!'

'Yeah... we prefer the term midnighters.... It's much less derogatory. Makes us sound more mysteriously professional.'

'Sweetheart, you're not helping our cause.'

Jackson let out a small laugh. 'I knew it! I knew you guys had to be mutants, to pull off some of those stunts of yours! I mean.... Illegality aside, some of those heists I read about were incredible!'

'Honey, look... we have a fan.' Darcy grinned.

'Keep your voices down!' Kiley hissed, standing close to the door, her eye pressed up against the peephole. 'The neighbours aren't usually nosy but they'll certainly hear you if you keep shouting up a storm like that.'

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