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A word I can’t comprehend.

A word I can’t bear to hear,

because it signals the end.

Why did you have to leave me?

Why did you go?

I feel empty of love,

and full of sorrow.

How can the world continue,

without you here?

I feel so alone sometimes,

like I could just disappear.

When i hear your name,

it shatters my heart.

When I see your face,

it tears me apart.

Crying doesn’t help,

it doesn’t drown the memories.

Shutting out the world,

doesn’t help the agony.

I miss you so much

that  it hurts inside,

I just can’t forget you,

even though I’ve tried.

I want you back, to hold me.

People tell me to move on,

But how can I?

When you’re GONE.

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