Chapter 12

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Owen's POV:
"That was..."
"I'm sorry Owen."
"No, don't be. That was nice. " I leaned down and kissed her again, when I pulled away she was blushing slightly.
"I've wanted to do that for some time." I admitted.
"You have?" She bit her lower lip and looked shyly at me.
"Yeah, I have." I half expected it to be awkward between us, but then she spoke.
"I have to admit, I've liked you for some time too." She bit her lip again.
"Do we have to tell Jack?" She looked at me.
"Nah, I don't think so. Not as long as it doesn't bother our work."
"Good, 'cause I want to keep it secret for a little while, I don't need Jack telling my dad. He can get very over protective."
"Let's avoid that then." I smiled and she took my hand and smiled back. We walked in silence off the beach, once we reached the road Cass asked me.
"Could we take a cab back to the HUB? I need to grab some more clothes."
"Yes off course, I'll text Jack and tell him we're coming in." I texted Jack while Cass got us a cab.

~Later in the HUB~
"Did you see anything on the beach?" Tosh asked us as soon as we walked in.
"No, why?" I replied.
"We got some readings down there, it was a bit similar to rift energy."
"Oh." I looked at Cass.
"What is it Cass?"
"You used your Timevortex manipulator?" Jack asked her getting angry with her.
"Yes, I did. And don't start to lecture me on the dangers of using it, 'cause I know." She snapped back.
"Where did you go?" Jack still looked a bit angry.
"To Iceland, I got invited to lunch by my foster mother and since I was with Owen, he was invited to. And that is the reason I got this in the first place, to visit her or my dad whenever I wanted." She started to get angry as well, and tears started to form in her eyes. Jack softened at the sight and came over to her, all eyes on them.
"I'm sorry, I just didn't want you to do any mistakes."
"I won't make any mistakes, because I passed my exams at school and that's 80 years of theoretical and practical learning of time travel." She said the last part low enough for only Jack and I to hear, before walking into his office and down the hatch.
"Real smooth Jack." I said sarcastically and walked down to my lab.
"Owen, where are you?!" Cass shouted from Gwen's desk.
"I'm in my lab, I'll just finish up here and then we can leave!" I shouted back. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and turned around, Cass was walking down towards me.
"What are you up to?" She asked me smiling.
"Just getting the answers from the water test." I replied.
"Could you teach me?" I looked at her confused.
"To be a medic."
"You want to learn to do my job?"
"Yeah, it's interesting. Tosh's job is to technical for me, I'm not gonna serve anyone and I already know how to do Gwen and Jack's jobs. Please? I need to learn something new." She looked at me with pleading eyes and I couldn't resist.
"Fine, but we'll have to ask Jack."
"I'll ask, he can't say no to me when I put on the puppy eyes." She demonstrated the puppy eyes, and she was right, they were irresistible.
"Go ask, and I'll have everything done 'till your done." She have me a huge grin before turning and tuning out of the lab. I have to admit I really hope Jack allows her to become my intern, I really like her.

I knocked on Jack's office door.
" Yeah!" Jack calls from the inside and I entered his office.
"Cass... I'm sorry, I really am."
"It's okay Jack, I overreacted a little." We smiled at each other.
"What is it? I take it you didn't come in her just to hear me say sorry?"
"Yeah, you know me to well." I smiled.  "But yeah, there is something I want."
"Well, stop beating around the bush. Tell me what you want." He smiled.
"Can I be Owen's intern? Please." He looked at me in shock.
"You wanna be a medic?"
"Yes, I know all the other jobs here except for Tosh's, but I'm not that technical. Please Jack, I need something new to do."
"Fine, I guess I can't stop you from getting what you want anyway. I rather make the decision before you use your puppy eyes on me." We both laugh a bit.
"Well, go get some rest and come back ready to start your training as a medic first thing tomorrow." He stood up and walked to the front of his desk while talking. I through myself at him and hugged him.
"Thank you so much!" I let him go and he smiled at me before ushering me out.
I ran down to the lab and stopped right behind Owen, scaring the hell out of him in the proses.
"Cass! Don't do that. Damn... What did he say?" I tried to keep a straight face, but I fallen miserably.
"He said yes! I didn't even have to bring the puppy eyes."
"Well, I'm done here, so let's go out and celebrate." He smirked at me and I grinned back. We walked calmly out of the HUB, saying good night to everyone, and got into a cab and got to Owen's apartment. Once inside we engulfed each other in a big hug.
"So, where are we going tonight?" I asked looking into his golden brown eyes, and he looked into my TARDIS blue ones.
"You have beautiful eyes." He said dreamily." Leaning inn to kiss me.
"Thank you." I answered, closing the space between us. Pressing our lips together.
"You still didn't answer my question." I whispered when we pulled apart.
"I know exactly where to go." He grinned, and kept his gaze on me.
"But we should both change into something a little more..."
"More fitted for a nightclub?"
"Or a restaurant." He winked at me, and I pecked his cheek and grabbed my bag and walked into my room.
I'm definitely gonna wear something hot, cause I want his attention. Wait... WHAT? What is wrong with my mind? Since when did I care about things like that? But it IS true, I DO want to dress up for him. Oh well, I'll se what I have in my bags.
I ended up wearing a TARDIS blue knee length plain dress and a pair of black flats. I pulled my Leather jacket over it, so that it would look more casual. I put my phone in my jacket pocket. I also used my black and silver 'bigger on the inside' purse, with my drawing stuff, phone charger, headphones and my gun.
I let my hair hang lose down my shoulders. I took one last look in the mirror and walked out to Owen, wha was wearing a pair of jeans, a shirt and his leather jacket. He turned to me when I entered the room.
"Wow, you look even more beautiful. I didn't think that was even possible." Her walked Owen and took my hands in his. Starting into my eyes.
"Thank you Owen... Always one for flattery are we?"'
"It's my secret superpower." He joked and a I couldn't help but laugh.
"All right superhero, where are we going?"
"You'll see." He turned and dragged me out of the apartment, down the stairs and out of the building into a waiting cab.

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