Happy Birthday Baz!!!

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Baz: *wakes up in Simon's bed but doesn't see Simon next to him* bitch leaving me stranded on my birthday? Welp. I knew he would leave me eventually.

Baz: *gets up and goes to the living room* hey Bunce. Where's Snow?

Penny: good morning to you too Basil. And happy birthday. Simon went to get something for you but while you were asleep but he wanted me to tell you to open that box over there

Baz: ok...

Baz: *opens the box in the corner*

Simon: *pops out of the box shirtless* HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAZ!!!!


Baz: *falls to the floor*

Simon: Oh Baz it's okay! I put all your favorite things in this box for your birthday! So I'm in here, and there's some Shakespeare and Jane Austin books, and a Queen album, and salt and vinegar crisps, and I might of accidentally sat on the cookies, but I got you your favorite latte from Starbucks!

Baz: *trying not to cry* omg you idiot. This is so *sniffles* SWEET

Penny: *filming this whole mess of a situation* they're such losers

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