Chapter 2~

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Natsu's POV
I walk into the guild and see everyone there. I am talking to Lisanna when I get a smell of Lucy's sent. Her Vanilla, strawberry sent is a lot stronger than usual. I keep talking to Lisanna until Lucy got up. As she walked over to the bar I just watched her. Lisanna's voice became muffled as I couldn't take my eyes off of Lucy. She talks to Mira and Mira walks away. Lucy turns to face me and she's turns a slightish pink. *She is kinda cute when she's blushing- NO! BAD NATSU! BAD!* she's turns back around quickly. A few minutes later to see if I am still looking, and me being the idiot I am I'm smirk and looking. She's turn around faster than last time, but she's so red that I can see it.
"HEY! Earth to Natsu!" Lisanna shouts bring me back to our conversation.
"Sorry Lis!"
"It's okay Natsu!"
"So anyways have you found your mate yet-" Lisanna was interrupted.
"No he hasn't! His to much of a pussy to do it!" Said Gajeel.
"I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT I'M GONNA DO!" Right before I hit Gajeel I was interrupted by the sent of a certain blonde as she walked out of the guild. I watched her leave and I wondered where she was going.
"Are yah gonna hit my flame face or sit there and look pretty asshat?" Gajeel asked.
"Go sit down Iron boy... well finish this tomorrow."
"Whatever flame brain." He said annoyed. I sat back down with Lisanna and continued our conversation.
Lucy's POV
I over heard Lisanna say something about this thing that dragons go through called "Mating Season". I don't know what it is but I just wanna leave. I head to my apartment and sit down on my bed. I just lie on my bed and it's so quiet, I remember when Natsu and Happy would come over. I miss those days. As soon as I said that I heard someone say...
"Hey Luce!"
I felt my heart drop.
Hey guys sorry I left you on a cliffhanger I hope you stick around to read the whole story! Luv ya all! Bye

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