Chapter 16: Trespassers

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"There must be a reason why you didn't want to come with them," Seungmin said while walking alongside of me.

We're walking back to Woojin's house. If I wasn't scared, I would definitely want to witness every single thing that's involved in Hyunjin's redemption.

I don't know how walking back to the house is different from walking to somewhere else. Either way, I could be in danger. Having more company would be better.

Again, I'm just really dumb sometimes.

"Let's not talk about that here," I told him, walking a bit faster than a few seconds ago.


We're now walking silently which I don't think is better... The silence just makes everything more frigid. I can hear the dogs barking from
a long distance, some females shrieking that I assume are ghoul victims, and of course the forest nature. If I wasn't a ghoul and didn't possess the ability of having a wide sense of hearing, those would be trivial things.

Now, since I'm a ghoul but the world remains as it is for some, I must cope with everything and as much as possible, live like I used to.

I just realized that I miss human food so much. I should have eaten more of it when I still had the chance...

I immediately stopped my tracks when I heard a knife pulled abruptly out of one's case. Swiftly, I turned to face Seungmin to see him holding the sharp object against Changbin's neck while his other hand gripped on the hair– pulling on it.

"Wow, I underestimated Hyunjin's replacement."

I felt my blood heat up like fire. If he wants to live, he should keep his mouth shut.

"Ya! Control yourself!" Seungmin told me. He probably sensed my blood boiling. The veins on his arms are popping out. Changbin must be fighting hard.

"What do you want, Changbin?" I spat his name as if mere pronouncing it disgusts me.

"I told you that you'd be watched. I just wasn't careful enough." He chuckled smugly.

I really want to kick his face right now.

"Nonsense. That can't be the only reason you showed up."

"Why ask when you won't even believe me?"

"Who's this?" Seungmin asked, gritting his teeth.

"Someone from school who's human but has a ghoul cousin."

"Add school hottie. You forgot that par-"

"Shut up!"

"We can't just let this bastard go."

"Why did you even let me go the first time? Stupid," Changbin told me, laughing hysterically after.

Something is not right. He's not the type of person to just break off his cover like that. He's not that stupid, right? Is he actually on purposely letting us captivate him?

"Let's bring him to the house," Seungmin said. "We're not that far anymore anyway."

"Holding a knife against his neck wouldn't be declared safe," I said, smirking.

"When someone has a sharp object against your neck, how would that be declared safe?! You're really stupid aren't you!" Changbin exasperatedly exclaimed.

If he doesn't want to shut up, then I'll make him.

I let my shining scales escape my body. One wrapped around Changbin's waist. Seungmin let go once the other wrapped around Changbin's face to cover his mouth.

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