Chapter 1

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I don't own teen wolf! So... this is a mpreg so if ya don't like that then don't read. Enjoy!

Stiles stood at the edge of the clearing in the preserve. The pack was fighting a witch and losing badly. She was strong and the pack wasn't used to going up against a witch this strong. Then they all went down and she held her arms up chanting a spell. Once her arms went to her sides the pack groaned out in pain. Then her eyes landed on Stiles. The pack didn't know he was here he wasn't supposed to be there. He was supposed to stay in the old Hale house they'd rebuilt but he'd snuck out after saying he was going to bed.

"You." She said making the pack look over to see Stiles staring.

Their eyes widened when they saw him and he tried to run the other way but was slammed against a tree. He was dragged by an invisible force toward the witch. Once he was past the pack who tried to reach him but couldn't. He stopped right at the witches feet looking up at her.

"Do you remember me, Stiles?" She said crouching down so they were face to face.

"No... am I supposed to?" Be asks making her laugh. She stood back up and chanted under her breath causing blue light to radiate from her right hand.

"I knew your mother. Hold still now." She said making Stiles gulp and try to move away but didn't get a chance as the witch forced her hand toward him. Stiles back arched and he screamed out in pain while the witch was looking straight ahead with blue eyes. "Wow, you have some secrets don't you Stiles." She said while the pack screamed at her to stop. "You aren't responsible at all are you?" She said then pulled her hand away stopping the blue magic. Stiles lay breathing heavily on the ground at her feet. The witch then looked over at Liam and narrowed her eyes.

"No!" Theo screamed getting in front of Liam before she could do anything. She smirked raising an eyebrow at Theo.

"Don't worry honey I can do it from here." She said then the blue light was in her eyes again and Liam arched his back screaming in pain just like Stiles. Theo tried to touch Liam but the boy was just blasted away from them. "Oh, Liam, you've got secrets too." She said smiling at the secrets Liam held in his mind. Then she stopped and Liam lay breathing heavily on the ground. Theo rushed over and put his hands on Liam's shoulders.

"Are you okay? Liam are you okay?" Theo asked helping Liam sit up. The beta nodded glaring at the witch. Stiles had been pulled back by Derek and Scott who asked if he was okay as well.

"Tell ya what. I'll leave here and never come back if..." she paused thinking about what she wanted. "If I can put a harmless spell on Stiles and Liam. I'll never come back and I'll put a supernatural barrier so nothing bad gets in while the spell runs its course." She said making the pack look at each other.

"What's the spell?" Stiles asked making the pack look at him with wide eyes. But before they could protest the witch spoke.

"It's harmless. You won't die no one else will. It'll just teach you some responsibility." She said making Stiles look over at Scott who shook his head. Derek did the same when Stiles looked at him. The witch saw the hesitation in the two boy's eyes. "It's that or someone dies. Like Theo or Derek, Scott maybe." She said waving her head around making a green glow coming from it.

"Okay okay! I'll do it." Liam said making Theo and Scott, as well as the rest of the pack, tell him no. "It's my decision," Liam said standing up with a grunt and taking a step toward the witch.

"Okay," Stiles said then got up and went over to stand by Liam.

"Good choice." She said motioning for them to come closer to her. They stepped up so they were arm's length away and stood nervously. "I'm gonna touch your head then start the spell. Then I'll leave to do the supernatural barrier spell at my house. Alright?" She said and they nodded.

She put two fingers on their foreheads and started to mutter the spell in some unknown language. A pink light glowed from the point of contact on their foreheads. Then she pulled back forcing her hands towards Derek and Theo pulling a small drop of blood from them. Then she forced the blood into Stiles and Liam's stomachs to complete the process. She then moved her hands to their chests then pushed them back slightly. They groaned holding their stomachs.

"What did you do to Theo and Derek?" Stiles asked making the witch raise her eyebrow at the boy.

"I just needed someone else's blood particularly a supernatural to complete this type of spell. To make sure it works and doesn't harm you." The witch said smiling at the two. She never had intentions of harming the pack or this town. All she wanted to do was sit in silence but a spell went bad and it had killed two civilians. "Thanks for your time. I'll be going now." She said turning and walking the opposite way of the pack. But then she stopped turn around and giving Liam and Stiles a smile. "Congratulations by the way." She said making them frown as she turned and kept on walking. Now they stood in the preserve staring at where the witch had disappeared into the deep dark forest.

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