There is Nothing

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You hopped out and the first thing you saw was... Absolutely nothing!

You turned every which way and it was a snowy blanket of white. There was no road or tire tracks. It was just you and your car, but even that had a thick layer of snow. You brushed it off quickly before deciding that nothing was going to change any time soon, so you might as well follow what you were sure was the road.

The snow fell in fluffy pieces that seemed like oversized dandelion seeds, floating along in the breeze. The entire landscape was peaceful. The snow seemed to absorb all sound and leave you with only your own breathe.

No wait... that can't be you. You held your breath listening for a moment. It was still there. It was heavier and sounded panicky. Where was it coming from? You played hot and cold with it, searching for the source.

Eventually you were digging through the snow. You could hear it. It was whimpering now and it fueled your need to help it. Yet when that scaly head popped up, you were flabbergasted. It was small and shaking. Obviously very cold.

Yet, it seemed friendly enough. It shook its wings out and tried to hook the claws at the ends of its wings into your jacket. You stopped it, but decided that it needed to get warm then and there. You unzipped your jacket and tucked it in. It almost immediately wrapped itself around you and you could feel the small-ish talons digging into your shirt, ripping holes.

"Please don't bite me, little, uh, guy." They peeped before nuzzling their cold snout into your armpit and you had to make a conscious effort not to jerk at the ticklish sensation. You looked around for an angry parent. No one in sight so you wrapped your arms around the baby something and hoofed it back to your car. You were pretty sure you had a blanket that you could hunker down with.

So you waited for something. You weren't sure what, but someone would have to come up this way eventually. Which was true. A few hours later someone came, not in a car or along the road, but flying. It had wings and back legs, but no front legs and it had a very long neck. It would make a small sound, sniffing at the snow and occasionally ripping it up looking for something.

Or rather someone. The baby. You hopped out and called out for the dragon? You weren't sure.

"Hey! Are you looking for a baby?"

"What is it to you human?" Its' voice was deep and gravelly. It was definitely a he. The baby pushed its head out of your collar and beeped at the parent, before ducking back down. "What have you done? What do you want?"

"I got stuck in the ditch and so I hopped out and went to look for help, but instead found this little guy. I honestly just wanted to make sure they were okay and warm."

"Yes, well hand her over." You unzipped your jacket and the baby darted around to cling to your back. When took off your jacket (it was frigid and you tried to hurry) they buried themselves under your shirt and tank top.

"So, any advice, on uh, how to get her out of my shirt?"

"Put your jacket on." You obeyed and the baby poked her head out and peeped at her parent. The... not-quite-dragon picked you up by the back of your jacket and started to fly. You curled up and covered your face, as the baby stuck her head out and made peeps and beeps of all kinds. You could feel her wings fluttering against your skin.

Eventually, scaly dad landed on an out cropping, wings hooking into the soft rock. You only really noticed as his head pushed against a door and you and baby were effectively against it as well.

It wasn't long after that a fire was going and you were almost half naked trying to get baby out. It's been hours since you met her. You can't keep calling her baby.

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