Chapter 63.

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If they don't know your worth
Tell 'em you're my girl
And anything you want is yours"


Harry managed to coax me out of the hallway eventually, leading me inside once I unlocked the door.

He stayed close to me, looking worried over me as he lead me to my room, and into my bathroom.

He kept quiet aside from the odd hushing saying everything was okay, that was there and he wasn't leaving.

I had noticed that he was talking to me very similarly to how I speak to him, when he's been upset, like he's mirroring the behaviour.

I cycled between feeling too overwhelmed to feel anything and staring off blankly to just crying again, both of which seemed to worry Harry just as much.

Once we were in the bathroom, he followed the same routine I do with him, undressing me and himself, before leading me into the shower, standing under the warm water with me and just holding me against him, before grabbing a wash cloth and trying to wash away my worries like I do with him.

As soft as he as trying to be, I could tell he was tense from holding all of his anger back, I know the way my mother treated me bothered him deeply, and I can't imagine what it took for him to bite his tongue over it.

He may not know what he's doing when it comes to this sort of thing, but his natural instincts are exactly what I need from him, and I wish he could see that.

After the shower he helped me into his shirt, only pulling his boxers on, and lead me into bed, laying on his back and curling me up to him with my head on his bare chest, stroking his fingers through my drying hair while we just laid there in silence.

It wasn't an uncomfortable silence,  not like the fragile ones we seem to have, we were just finding comfort in being close to one another.

I'm still wrapping my head around my mother, I should've known not to put it past her to just fly down here at the drop of a hat if I kept ignoring her, but I still can't believe David fucking called her, and I know it wasn't out of concern. David would have known the reaction my mother would have had to me spending time with someone like Harry, and he did that on purpose.

God I want to punch him fair in the dick.

Although, I'm sure the fact David called my mother isn't going to go over well with Harry either but that's a thought for tomorrow.

My mother and Harry wasn't going to go well no matter which way she found out or met him, this was inevitable, I guess it was wishful thinking to think it could have gone differently.

But at least if I had of done it on my own terms I could have mentally prepared for it first.

To be honest, I hadn't even thought about Harry meeting my mother, the whole meeting the parents shtick with him didn't seem like something he'd be interested in - or so I just assumed, but as usual, like with what he said tonight, he always surprises me.

"How are you feeling?" Harry asks quietly, and I sigh shrugging my shoulders.

"I'm just feeling... Not sure what, lots of different things - hurt, angry, happy, just a lot of things"

"I'd say I understand how you feel, but I, you know don't. But I'm trying, wish I could fix it" he says, squeezing his arm around me.

I fiddle my fingers along the skin of his stomach, enjoying the warmth from it "You're doing great Harry, you're helping" I assure him.

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