15 | Chapter Fifteen

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"Wow," sighed Shaz, sitting back down in her seat, biting at her bottom lip. "He does bring a new meaning to water sage."

Macey frowned, looking at Shaz who had this cheeky smirk across her face. She rested her face on the back of her knuckles, raising her brow in a weak attempt to gossip.

When Macey wasn't budging, Shaz scoffed. "What? Don't scowl me for being curious." She then picked up her coffee, sipping at it maniacally, narrowing her dark brown eyes at Macey. "I wanna know if he really can make panties drop faster than a teleportation spell. Or if the rumour about the real reason why the Heslington's family emblem is a serpent — you know, giant serpent equals a ridiculously large—"

Macey rolled her eyes, clicking her fingers at the short attention span of Shaz. "Focus adornments expert!"

While Shaz began to burst into laughter, Macey couldn't help but frown at her more. I know what you're trying to do. To say that her best friend had a dirty mind was putting it lightly. But she only did this when something was about to send her into a state of panic. How bad is this information you gathered up going to be?

"Look at you miss serious," hummed Shaz, squaring her shoulders, shaking her head sideways. "Usually, this sort of gossip makes you giddy. We could make some comparisons on Michael and Connor. Both have swarms of women down on their knees, begging with their mo—"

"Now is not the time Shaz." Just as Macey tapped at the table in frustration, a cup of coffee arrived before her, startling her for a brief moment.

"Uh, thank you," muttered Macey, sipping at the caramel latte, adverting her eyes at Shaz who had a shy smile stretchered across her face. "However, I came here for one purpose; Blood moon amulet and its purpose."

Shaz rolled her eyes, pointing at her bag. "Yeah, yeah. It's all in here. Some of it is unreadable to me. It's in Maori."

Macey raised her brow in suspicion. "Good thing I understand then."

"I figured," sighed Shaz, pushing the parchment and books across the table.
"My parents forgot that you'd be able to read it. You think after how many years of knowing you, they'd remember. Guess they do find you as one of their own."

Macey let out a small giggle, reaching over the table to grab one of the parchments laid out before her. It was tattered with ink stains, looking worse for wear. In the centre was a yellow and fuchsia star flower with a water hex glowing behind it. She began to feel ill. Her stomach unknowingly twisted about, the back of her throat felt as if something was stuck in the end. Manu kaitiaki. Strong guardian.

The sound of Shaz clearing her throat was all that Macey could hear in the bustling little cafe, causing her to lift her gaze to hers.

"These papers are all from a student from the Manunui islands. A female who came to Grendilton, seeking knowledge about a cure to stop a plague from ravaging her homelands." Shaz then handed her cup to one of the cafe staff, then shifted her attention towards the parchment. "She became an alchemist. One of the best."

Macey gasped. "What happened to her?"

Her reply was silence, and half a shrug, with the only means of sounds echoing around her, were terracotta clacking against utensils in the background.

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