Chapter 3

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*Sakshi pov*

I don't remember anything happening at the wedding. After when it's time to leave I hugged my friends and got inside the car.

I didn't even looked at my parents, it's like my heart had broken knowing that they didn't believed me.

After reaching the house a few rituals were conducted and I was lead to a bedroom by my mother-in-law.

She made me sit in the middle of the bed and said, "I know Sakshi you must be angry at all of us for not believing you. I am extremely sorry beta for talking to you like that. Today onwards you will be my daughter. I hope you can forgive me one day."

I wanted to say ya I forgive you aunty but I can't forget the looks they gave me. I just can't so i just sat there calmly without talking.

She sighed and said "I know it takes time but try to look forward for your relation with Rakesh. Now he is your husband. Take care of each other." With that she left.

Ya right look forward with him, because of whom this all started in the first place. I am completely tired I just want to sleep or my brain may just explode.

After few minutes there was sound coming from the door, I looked up to see Rakesh entered the room and locking the door. 

I get down from the bed and started removing all my jewelry and placing them in a box. I took my night dress and went inside the washroom to get chaged.

When i returned from the washroom he was still standing near door. I just calmly lie down on the bed and closed my eyes. Wanting to escape from all this......

*Rakesh pov*

When i entered the room she was sitting on the bed, I turned around and locked the door after that she got up from bed and got changed in the washroom.

I don't know what to say so I just stood there, after she returned she lie down on the bed and slept.

May be I just have to talk to her tomorrow with that I changed into comfortable clothes.

I wanted to sleep on the bed but I thought she may feel uncomfortable so I took my pillow and lie down on the sofa.

I wish I had trusted everyone and didn't do all these stupid things.

I don't even know where my brother is, he is not answering his phone.

What happened is happened now I will be a complete husband for her even though as a friend until she comes out of this and gets comfortable.

I am looking forward for the life with her..........

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