Zombies and Kidnapping's

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‘’How close are we?’’Emma asked
We have been walking for a while and i'm so sick of walking. I love adventures, don’t get me wrong but I really miss my bed and my books. When I get home I will go straight to my bed and read for hours, maybe watch The Vampire Diaries.
‘’Henry could already be waiting in that Netherworld’’Emma said
I stood on the tree stump and I jumped down. I fastened my pace because I was a little behind them.
‘’We planned to meet back there in two hours’’Aurora stated.
‘’We aren't going to leave him waiting’’Snow said.
I got back to the group and stood next to Snow.
‘’What if he?’’ Emma said
‘’He was fine’’aurora assured her.
‘’There’’Snow pointed with her bow and we started walking in that direction.
‘’That looks like retevley safe ground. We will set up camp there. Aurora you will settle and find Henry. Get the information we need from Rumpelstiltskin.’’Snow instructed
‘’let's make it quick. Its still really dangerous out here’’ Snow added.  We got to the spot and we set the bags down.
‘’I will get some fire wood’’I said and I walked around and I found sticks and some logs and I carried them over to the camp site. Emma had just finished setting up the little blanket tent thing. I put the wood down and I sat down cris cross and started making a little teepee out of the logs and sticks i had collected.
‘’I got it’’snow said and she lite the fire. I stood up and stood next to Emma. Snow was on my left. Aurora had just laid down and was falling asleep. Mulian who was next to her looked at us and nodded. I couldn’t help but feel bad for both Aurora and Henry. They were going through all of this just so we could get home. that netherworld  was probably a horrid place and we were sending them there on purpose for our own selfish gain. I turned away and sat on a log. My mind wandered to Killian. Is he okay? He wasn’t with Cora anymore and he wasn’t with us so he was probably lonely and hurt from Emma's betrayed. I wanted to find him but i cant get off our agenda for getting home . A twig snapping got my attention back and I looked at Emma and Snow who were a little way from us and they looked back at Me and Mulan. It wasn’t them who made the twig snap. I stood up and walked over to Mulan and Aurora slowly. I heard more footsteps and people came at us, A huge group. I got my sword from  my belt and a man came running at me. I blocked his hit and pushed him away and little but it didn’t help. I jabbed him in the side and he fell to the ground.  There was something weird about these people. Another one came at me but he only had a dagger. I kicked him in the knees making him fall and I knocked him out with the end of my sword. Another one was coming at me and I ducked and hit him in the legs making him fall to the ground hitting his head in the process.
‘’The compass!’’I heard Emma yell. I looked and saw one had the compass and was attempting to run away, Snow took her bow and shot the man in the shoulder, making him drop the compass. Emma grabbed it and ran towards Snow and I.
‘’Any idea how to kill these things?’’
I looked and they kept getting up and more just kept coming towards us. Are they zombies? Snow was shooting her arrows but I don’t think it was really working.
‘'Mulan’’I said and looked behind us but her and Aurora were missing. Great they just got up and left us.
‘’Emma, Rose we have to run for it!’’snow yelled. I started backing up and then we just sprinted it. Adrenaline pumping threw my veins as my feet hit the ground. We got a safe distance and we stopped running.
‘’Are you guys in one piece?’’Emma asked
‘’Think so’’
‘’Pretty sure’’I said my breaths becoming heavier. I heard footsteps and Snow took her bow out and positioned it. The person came out of the bushes and it was Mulan. I sighed in relief that it wasn’t those zombie people.
‘’They took her. Auroras gone’’Mulan said

We went on walking. We had to get Aurora back. It was all out fault for having her being kidnapped in the first place. But we had no idea what to do. It was silent as we walked, all in out own thoughts. I heard a bird crow and then I looked at Snow, who had a crow on her shoulder. Birds don’t usually do that. We all looked at Snow and we stopped walking.
‘’Wait’’Snow said. She looked like she was listening and then the bird flew off.
‘’What the hell was that?’’Emma asked
‘’Cora. We have until sundown to bring her the compass if we don’t. She’ll kill Aurora’’Snow explained
Cora must have used magic on that crow. Emma took the compass from her pocket and looked at it.
‘’Give it to me’’Mulan said walking closer to Emma, with her hand out.
‘’Hold on Mulan, give us a minute to consider’’Emma said
‘’There's nothing to consider a compass is not worth Aurora's  life.’’
Mulan was right. But we have to come up with some kind of agreement here.
‘’We need a plan to get back Aurora and keep the compass’' Snow said
‘’My vow to Phillip was to protect Aurora.  That promise is all that is left of him. So it shale be done’’
Mulan then reached for the compass. Grabbing one end and Emma had the other.
‘’Hey! I climbed a bean stalk for this! get your own!’’Emma said like a child. I rolled my eyes and i walked closer.
‘’Stop fighting!’’I said pulling them apart.
‘’Give us a few hours to figure this out.’’I said looking at Mulan.
‘’If we haven't defeated Cora by then, than you can have the compass’’Snow said as she stood next to me
‘’You cant defeat her. We no longer have access to the dark ones assistance.’’Mulan said
Snow looked at me and then to Mulan’’yes we do’’
‘’how? Aurora's  gone’’
‘’Aurora isn’t the only one who's been under a sleeping curse’’snow said
Wait a minute.
‘’I can go back to that netherworld’’snow explained
‘’The door to that place is closed. You said  it yourself’’
‘’There might be a way. A way for me to go back into a deep slumber one that can let me access it again’’ Snow said
Is she crazy?
‘’Another sleeping curse?’’Emma asked
‘’No, not another curse. I don’t need one, i've been under already’’
Snow said facing Emma and I ‘’I need to go back into a sleep that I don’t have a natural defense to slip away. Where my mind stops protecting me’’
I looked at Mulan’’Your powder would do it, wouldn’t it?’’I asked
‘’I used to last of it on the giant, and a little that Emma gave you.’’
‘’Then make some more’’Snow said.
‘’The poppy plant is extremely rare in this kingdom. But I know of a place that might grow some more. It’s a bit of a journey from here.’’
‘’Can we make it bu sundown?’’Snow asked
Mulan nodded’’we have to hurry.’’
Then we started walking. Me and Emma shared worried glances as we walked before looking ahead.
‘’once we cross this ridge we will be near the woods of the dead.  The last poppy's of this realm have taken seed there’’Mulan said and I nodded. I looked back at Snow who wasn’t walking very fast. Well she was but she was behind a little behind. Emma and I shared a look and we went by her side.
‘’You okay?’’Emma asked
‘’Yeah i'm fine’’
‘’No, wait a minute’’I said taking her arm and making her stop walking.
She looked back at us.
‘’You look nervous, a little scared’’I said
‘’This netherworld, how bad is it?’’Emma asked
‘’It's like your umm,lost. Drifting in the dark. No one to talk to, nothing to do just think about the people you love and how you will never seen them again. ‘’
‘’Henry was lost in that dark, because of me’’Emma said
I gave her a sad look and put my hand on her shoulder
‘’it wasn’t your fault’’I said
 ‘’He tried so hard to convince me that I was the savior’’
‘'Stop it. Nobody would have believed Henry's stories.’’
‘’But his mother should have’’
I looked down.
‘’Okay you want to play the blame game. If I hadn’t told Cora about Regina's true love. Cora would have never killed him. Regina wouldn’t want revenge. The curse never would have happened. We could spend all day trying to find out why each of us felt guilty but It wont help us get home.’’snow said
 I regret loving two men at the same time, but then at the same time I really don’t. Eveyone has something to feel guilty for.
‘’You really think we can get home?’’Emma asked
 ‘’If theres one thing your father has taught me it is to never give up. Now, it's time for me to go back to sleep’’
Snow gave us both smiled before walking in front of us. I followed after her.
After a lot of walking in silence we came to the poppy plant. It was a beautiful flower. It was bright red, like it was glowing.
‘’Its beautiful’’Snow and I said at the same time.  we gave each other looks and smiled. When we were kids we always used to do that.
‘’I will crush it with my dagger to get to the seeds. We are doing this the old fashion way’’Mulan said. She took her dagger out and cut the flower from the ground and sat down and began to crush up the seeds from the plant. Snow was standing and Emma and I  sat on the ground. Emma was playing with the compass.
‘’The powder is nearly ready’’Mulan said.
Snow sat down in the middle of Emma and me.
‘’How long will the effects last?’’Snow asked
‘’It's difficult to say. Maybe an hour or much less’’Mulan said
‘’Well I shouldn’t need much time. As long as Henry's in there when I am’’Snow said pulling her cardigan wrap thing tightly around her shoulders.
‘’We will be right here’’Emma said taking snow's hand and I took her other one.
‘’We wont leave you’’I said smiling at my older sister
‘’Say hi to my son for me’’Emma said
Snow gave her a nod. Mulan came over to us and Snow gripped my hand a little tighter. Mulan blew the powder into Smow's face making her fall into a deep sleep.

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