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Hello guys!

So i have been going through a bad time

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So i have been going through a bad time.. so here's the explaination you can skip if you want

Im a librarian at school and they dont want to listen to me when i say "sit down at the chair" because they like to sit on the floor idk why and the library is so noisy even if i tell them to lower they're voices or keep quiet they wont listen so whats the point of being a librarian when they wont even listen? And a girl told me to shut up when i told her not to sit on the floor. Why cant anyone just listen to me for once and not act rudely to me? Am i a joke to them? Even when i tried to stay out of anything, i still ended up getting treated very..rudely. Cant they act nicely to me?

Im sorry for ranting here i just needed to.. *sigh*

I'll go now T-T

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