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As I entered the home, back from my ride, I was greeted with Mr. Jefferson's face. "Hello, Mr. Jefferson, " I stated. "Did you enjoy your horse ride?" He asked. "Very much, the whole ride was like some type of dream to me, " I'm glad you've enjoyed it. Now, (y/n), I wanted to ask you something. I'm going to New York for a meeting, and I was hoping you would keep an eye on everyone and make sure they do their work properly while I'm gone. Now, this is a very big and important job, and I believe you're capable of doing it, " Mr. Jefferson said. "Oh, I don't mind to do it, and I will surely do my best, " I responded. "Thank you very much, dear. I appreciate it, " he said. "Oh, and (y/n), there is a little gift for you laying of your bed, " Mr. Jefferson said as he walked to his room.

A gift? Why would he ever give me a gift; I've done nothing to deserve such. Yet, I felt like an ecstatic child as I hurried towards my quarters, wanting to know what surprise lies for me. As I entered the small area, I see on my bed laid a new, untouched dress. A beautiful dress it was.

It was made of a fine, comfortable fabric. The fabric laced with a floral design of small flowers. I drag my hand across the skirt of the dress, admiring every detail. I then put the dress into my chest, to keep it from any harm that could damage it yet barely noticing Daniele opening the door. "Hey, what are doing?" Daniele asked as I quickly shut the chest. "Nothing, just putting things away, " I answered. "I don't really believe that, but I'm not going to question you. Anyways, it's time for supper, " Daniele replied.

We both left for supper, a decent meal we got to enjoy before heading back to our quarters for sleep. "I hope you don't plan on staying up tonight, " Daniele said as I stared out my window at the starry night. "I do not, but why ask?" I questioned. "Tomorrow is Mr. Jefferson's birthday and a family member is supposedly going to visit him tomorrow. Which means we all have to wake up earlier than usual to have the estate spotless, " Daniele responded. "I see, " I mumbled as Daniels turned out the lantern, leaving me to lay in my bed in darkness with my thoughts.

A family member? I wonder who they are. Do they act like Mr. Jefferson? Not only that, Tomorrow is Mr. Jefferson's birthday? I wonder why Tommy never mentioned anything about it. Regardless, I stopped my thinking until it got out of control and fell asleep.

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