The Real Me All Along (ChanDuke)

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Hey, everyone! I hope you enjoy this one-shot! This was requested/suggested by HeatherMcNamara540

Chandler's POV

I'd never expected to be this way, I thought I like guys. It seems my love for them has dried out like dehydrated fruit. Every time one flirts with me, no sparks light my soul with love or passion. When I'm next to my friends, my heart beats rapidly, and butterflies flutter in my stomach. Especially if I'm with Heather Duke, the head of the yearbook committee. She is far more beautiful than the night's sky with her braided jet-black hair and aurora-blue eyes. Alas, I have no courage to admit my love for her, I fear she might not like me back, especially after the way I treated her earlier this year.

Prom is springing around the corner, and I must get ready by myself while Veronica and Mac are laying on the couch cuddling and eating chocolate.

I snap out of my thoughts and exit the red Porsche that I parked in front of a two-story mall. It was an excellent and dandy walk until a dump-truck came along. The younger lass bounces around me as I walked to the main door. I ignore her as the automatic doors close behind.

"Hey, Chandler!" Martha shouted as she ran towards me

"Ugh, what do you want from me, Martha?" I scoffed

"I heard that you like Heather Duke!" Martha smiled like a young girl receiving a doll for the first time, who is eager to play with her new toy

"Pfft, from where?" I blow a tuft of hair away from my face

"Umm, you weren't exactly mumbling ya' know," Martha fidgeted her fingers, twisting and twirling them

"Does it matter?" I sigh almost admitting defeat

"Well, prom is coming up soon, and according to Vee and Mac, you don't have a date! I'm here to help!" The fat girl's hand bolted upwards with her thumb sticking up

"Whatever, I don't care," I say as I hear Martha jump for joy

"Oh, jolly good! Let's go have some fun, Chan-Chan!"

"Don't call me that like ever," I grunt in annoyance

Martha grabs my wrist and drags me around the mall, showing me her favorite hangouts, which of course had her geeky friends lying around. The group of nobody's consisted of Stephanie the punk girl, Melanie the brat, and according to Martha, there's another, which is Veronica. She keeps escorting me to low-life restaurants until we settled down at a place called, 'Jr's' which was located inside a 7/11.

We enter Jr's and sit down waiting for our menus. Martha's mood changed along with it. The way she positions herself seems off, cocky and all-knowing. Her arms are crossed, covering the unicorn design on her chest while she rearranges her ponytail to a higher level and pushes her oval glasses back. Small hands fold onto the table as if I was at an interview for a governmental position.

"So, let's talk about Dukie, I feel like it's needed," Martha started

"Look, I treated her like shit, she didn't seem so happy when she stomped away," I pouted with my hands covering my eyes in shame

"Well, she did tell me something about what she wanted from you," The woman replied as she browsed through the menu

Did I really want to know what Duke said behind my back? I'm scared to find out, was she mean back to me? No, I must know!

"What did she say to you, Martha?" I bite my nails in anticipation and don't worry, I took off the red paint before I left

"I quote Heather Duke, 'I want her to act like herself, not this bitchy little snob that proclaims to be queen,' and that means you must remove your makeup and dress casually," Martha said blatantly

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