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Niallhoran, liampayne, zayn and 928,829,820 others liked this post


Harrystyles: cant wait to land in Hawaii with the amazing @Louist91, x❤

Larrryyy: ohhh Hawaii

Thebetterstyles: i wanted to go Hawaii
Harrystyles: change your name and no bc me and lou want some alone time
Thebetterstyles: sorry the truth hurts
Thebetterstyles: you mean bang time
Harrystyles: yes and what do you mean the truth
Annetwist: harry try to keep it in your pants and can you two stop
Harrystyles: no promises mum

Larrylarrylarry: 😍 your going Hawaii
Larrystrue: yay sounds nice
Larrysreal: pics please

Lazza: have fun xxxxx

TreatLouWithKindness: ohh sounds romantic what you doing there??
Kevinthedirectioner: oh maybe their ganna go for a romantic dinner
TreatLouWithKindness: oh do hooolaa dancing
Kevinthedirectioner: maybe karaoke
TreatLouWithKindness: and end it with a nice soft bed with rose petals where they make love all night for a week
Kevinthedirectioner: yesss
Harrystyles: sounds good thanks for the ideas, x❤

Niallhoran: i wanna come
Harrystyles: we've been over this NO because you will spend your time tryna catch us having sex
Niallhoran: soooo
Harrystyles: soooo no

Liampayne: told anyone yet??
Harrystyles: no payno shut up niall dont know
Niallhoran: niall dont know what
Harrystyles: nothing

Ihatehets: wow have fun guys

Lourry: no like from louis no comment from louis, wheres louis????
Harrystyles: lou's asleep next to me he said no photos so sorry
Lourry: oh 😭

FreddieIsMyQueen: ohhh good idea please take photos and videos for me please as i could do a holiday crack vid for ya
Harrystyles: will do, x❤

Louist91: im up what
Harrystyles: go back to sleep
Louist91: dont wanna
Harrystyles: you'll get moody because....
Louist91: alright alright im ganna sleep if you lower your arm a bit

Larray: their next to each other^
Lazza: yer but why will louisbe moody
Larrystylinson: lack of sleep
Lazza: fairs

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