Meeting 1/2

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Next day

Y/n's Pov

I woke up and did the things I normally do to get ready for school.  I went downstairs and me and nick started eating our breakfast, we were both laughing at a joke I said when we heard someone coming downstairs. It was Christina, I was confused cause usually we're the only ones up.

"Good morning guys"

I stuffed a piece of bread in my mouth as I muffled out "whatcha doing up sis?".

"I just wanted to tell you guys that when you come back if we aren't home then it means that we are on our way" she replies

Nick says "why?"

"Well we are going back on tour in three weeks"

I drop the rest of my toast "wHaT"

"Yeah our ' I love you or whatever tour' is starting up again and we have a meeting today with our managers"

"Oh that's great!?!" I reply

She relipes back "yeah it is, anyways y/n if we aren't home yet then just chill with your friend for a little bit we won't be to late if anything"

"Sounds good"
I quickly say getting up and throwing my plastic plate away (because I know we all to lazy to wash our damn plates in the morning)

Great now I'm in a bad mood, I hate it when my sisters go on tour, mainly because it's like for two months and my brothers are lazy and just like to stay in their rooms. UGH

I said bye to  Christina pretending like everything was fine when I TRULY FELT LIKE CRYING ON THE INSIDE, fine if they want to play that game I'll invite Blair everyday for those two months , wow how can you tell I'm one of the youngest.

We got into the car and drove off to school, this seriously put me in the not so greatest mood, but I will try to not let it get into my day today.

We arrive at school and I go to my locker where Blair said she would be waiting. I walk to my locker and I see Blair I open up my locker as I take out my books as I say

"Like seriously, NOW they go on tour ugh Chris, nick and Joey are always playing video games"

"Good morning to you two" she says

"Oh right sorry not in the greatest mood"

"I can see that"

We keep talking

I was telling Blair something when SOMEONE BUMPED INTO ME.

I did not see who it was but all I knew is that it wasn't going to be pretty.

B: "oh no"

I see the boy bend down and grab my books as he passes them to me and stands up, he slightly looks at me and says "oh I'm sorry I was just looking for my class and I was in a rush because I'm like new so-"

"Oh um that's ok- um me and my friend can help you find it if that is what will help you from not bumping into people anymore"

'He laughed at my joke', I'm sorry it's just Blair never does.

"That would be great actually"

"Oh actually I have to get to-" I cut Blair off hitting her shoulder

"She'd be glad to come along"

He showed me his schedule, me and Blair began walking alongside him

"I'm Tyler by the way"

"Right, I'm Y/n and this is Blair"

She nods

We walk him to gym

"Well here you are, gym class bright and early in the morning, that's great"

I begin to walk off
"Hey Y/n, I'll see you around?"

"Yeah, see you-"

Me and Blair walk into class and YESS there's a sub, me and Blair sit down.
I take out my novel and a sheet of paper because the teacher left work.

"Hmm" I look over to Blair who is balling me

Y:"What does that mean"

B: "What does what mean"

Y: "What you said"

B: "I didn't say anything"

Y: "Hmm"

B: "What do you mean?"

Y: "See exactly what did you mean when you said hmm"

B: "Oh god y/n"

Y: "What?!?"

B: "It's obvious"

Y: "Sorry Blair but I'm not catching on to whatever it is that your talking about"

B: "That Tyler kid I saw you looking at him"

Y: "Wow I look at a boy and I'm in love already, according to you that is"

B: "Well I never said that last part which means you said it because it's true"

Y: "You know sometimes I have no idea where you get your theories from, anyways did you bring clothes to change into?"

B: "Oh I see we're changing the topic now, and yes of course I did"

(Just wanted to include some of the dialogue of just talking to Blair, just to show how easily their conversations flow)
(Sorry that was a lot of 'just' in one sentence)

After us arguing because that's clearly what we did for the rest of the period we went on with the rest of the periods till lunch.

Me and Blair enter the lunch room and get our lunch as we sat at a booth near Chris's table when i saw Tyler looking for a spot, he looked over in our direction when I looked over to Blair seeing that she was already inviting her over.

I know it's bad, I'm sorry anyways

It's called meeting because
1) the girls are at a meeting (duh)
2) y/n and Blair meet Tyler
3)Blair is going to meet cimorelli

Yeah so stay tuned😁


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