Chapter 19

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Theo guided me towards the family room and the thoughts in my head continued to roll and spin out of control. Only this time it wasn't over the windows or color of the walls, it had to do with the dark-haired tattooed man that was walking in front of me. 

He was quiet while we had made our way through each room of the house earlier, only speaking when he had a question regarding the structure of the room. He was nothing but professional typing note after note and listening patiently as I droned on about how I wanted the house to feel when it was finished.

When we made it to the family room I watched him glance over at the pictures on the wall quickly before turning his attention to me. He seemed to have a bit more excitement in his face as he gave me his quick vision of what the room could be transformed into. He wanted to see faux beams, dark intricate wood mixed in with whites and greys. Knocking down the wall that all the photographs were currently on would open up into the kitchen and having more windows would help to display the natural light I wanted. He talked about updating the floors, taking out the popcorn ceilings, and changing all of the necessary hardware and fixtures. 

I had to admit that I was surprised to hear the enthusiasm in his voice at what he thought this house could become. His excitement boosted my morale at the thought of him working on the home, but I wanted him to agree to a few things first. 

I was nodding my head in agreement to what he was saying, before asking him, "What do you think the cost will be? To do everything? I thought it was going to be pretty basic but the more I think about it, we're pretty much going to be doing a full scale remodel on the place."

"Are you okay with a full remodel?" 

With a quick glance around the room, I gave him a nod. "I want an update, but I want this to still feel like home. I want to approve any design beforehand, and I want to be apart of this whole process."

He was about to answer until I raised my finger and spoke again, "I also don't just want to approve of things, but I want to be apart of this whole process. I want to be a part of the demolition and help where I can."

"You actually want to do demolition?" His eyebrows were raised in disbelief. 

"Absolutely, it should be all sorts of fun." I smiled widely at him before stepping forward with my hand stretched out toward him. "Is that a deal?"

"You haven't even heard the bid of what I think it'll cost...." He answered me in shock. 

"This house is paid off, all I do is pay the property tax. This is prime real estate where you can see the canals in the backyard. The land itself is worth almost more than the house itself. With the years that my parents have been living in it and with the increase of prices in this area, the equity that this place has is unreal. The price really isn't a deal breaker for me." 

He looked skeptical at best, so I took another step forward with my hand still outstretched. I was close enough now that I could see the different colored specs in his eyes. I could see the lines his brow was making as if he was frustrated with this type of outcome. I could also smell the woodsy scent of whatever he was wearing. "Deal?"

His hand met mine in a firm grip, "Fine, but if I say something is too dangerous for you to do. You're gonna damn well listen and do as I say. This will become a construction zone and it will be under my supervision." 

I rolled my eyes in response and gave him a soft smile. "Yeah yeah yeah. I'll follow whatever you say."

I felt his hand grip mine a tad bit tighter. "I mean it Mia. You can just pop in here while it's being worked on without me or someone I trust. I don't need you getting injured." 

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