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Louist91, zayn, niallhoran and 938,902,900 others liked this post


Harrystyles: why so angry @louist91 did you not get your coco pops, x💙

Louist91: shut up !
Harrystyles: or what
Louist91: or...you'll see

Larrylarrylarry: or what!??!?!?!
Lourry: kinky sex
Louist91: maybe maybe not

Lazza: lsndjdkksjs why so angry

Zouislarryziam: awww lou looks so smol
Harrystyles: oh give 'im a break HeS BiG

Larrryyy: ^ louis has harrys phone
1D4lofe: no he did the ThInG We Do To TaKe ThE pIsS OuT Of ElOuNoRs And HaYlOrS
Larrryyy: i GeNuInElY didnt see it

1dareback: awwwww bubby lou bear

1dlover: zayns just like: wtf is going on

Zayn: why did you take this and post it i wasnt picture ready
Harrystyles: zayn your perfect in every photo
Zayn: wish i could say the same love
Harrystyles: what!?
Zayn: your not the best looking
Louist91: kebdjsknajskdk zayn stop now
Louist91: great now harrys crying

TreatLouWithKindness: zayn! You are picture ready and be nice to harry

Ihatehets: no one concerned that LOUIS HAS HIS LEGS WIDE OPEN
Louhaz: im concerned now
Lazza: NOW I AM
Louarry: hwbdn why tell me
Harrystyles: now i can see it lou come 'ere
Loutoplinson: you go there
Louist92: THEY SHARE
Loutoplinson: I KNOW


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