Chapter 1~

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Regular POV
Lucy walks into the guild and takes a seat next to gray, Erza, happy, Levy, Wendy, Carla and Gajeel.
Lucy: "hey guys!"
Everyone says hey in unison. We started talking, then we saw too people together. Lisanna and Natsu.
It was no surprise to the group of friends, Lisanna and Natsu have been really close every since Lisanna got back. Lucy got up and went to the bar. There she was greeted by a white haired mage.
Lucy's POV
"Hey Mira"
"Hey lu~Chan! What can I get you?"
"I'll just have some lemonade."
"Okay! Come right up!" Mira said cheerfully.
I turn and see Natsu staring at me. I look away quickly. I feel a chill go down my spine as I feel eyes staring at me. I turn around and he is still staring at me. I little pinkish blush appears across my face. I look away again. Mira comes over and gives me a curious look. She hands my the drink
"What's up Lu~Chan" Mira ask smirking
"N- Natsu's s-staring at me" I stammer
"OOO!" Mira said with heart in her eyes.
I turn red with embarrassment.
Levy walks over and sit down next to Lucy.
"What's going on? I could see Lucy the tomato from far away!" Levy said laughing
"S-stop!" I say annoyed.
"Okay Okay! Chill Lu-Chan~" Levy said giggling

Hey guys! Sorry this is short. This is also my first story so please go easy on me! Sorry if there's any grammar or spelling mistakes. Luv ya bye!

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